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38+5 continuous crotch pain

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Cherryrainbow Wed 16-Sep-20 21:53:37

currently having to pay down on my side cushion between my legs on the bed. It feels like I've got pins/needles or a bruise on my crotch for a while now. More or less on/below pubic bone constantly. Could it mean labour soon or just normal? I thought lightning crotch comes and goes? X

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Gerdticker Thu 17-Sep-20 03:50:12

Sounds like classic SPD / PGP.

You’re in the right place resting on your side with the pillow between knees (although make sure you have something between ankles too, to keep the angle straight from the knee down)

Rest like this as much as poss until the pain eases. Some people like to ice the area, I prefer heat to relax the spasming muscles and ligaments.

Once the worst has calmed down, try some gentle stretches.

This video is great -
Avoid number 6!
My favourite is number 7 but with a long scarf and I’m not nearly as flexible as the teacher!

Hope you get some relief x

Cherryrainbow Thu 17-Sep-20 06:42:30

Thanks so much! After getting a good sleep with the pillows (thanks for the tip about one between ankles too!) Woken up feeling more comfortable smile ill watch the video too. Think I will need to rest more as not long to go now x

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