Boy or girl guesses?:)

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firsttimemamax Tue 15-Sep-20 13:06:30

First baby, 14 weeks today!
We find out in about 3/4 weeks so would love everyone's guesses! smile

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firsttimemamax Tue 15-Sep-20 16:09:49


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Oneandabean Tue 15-Sep-20 20:55:46


mummy2myJJ Tue 15-Sep-20 21:08:03


firsttimemamax Tue 15-Sep-20 21:26:41

My partner also thinks boy! Thanks ladies thanks

Anymore guesses anyone?! X

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PowPurry Fri 18-Sep-20 18:27:16


pumpkinpieinmyeye Fri 18-Sep-20 18:29:13

I think boy smile


TeddyBeans Fri 18-Sep-20 18:30:59


RoseGoldEagle Sat 19-Sep-20 06:08:55


RoseGoldEagle Sat 19-Sep-20 06:09:50

Skull shape looks same as my two DDs and different to my DS so I’d say girl

firsttimemamax Tue 22-Sep-20 14:41:19

Got a real mix of opinions which is interesting! Can't wait to find out grin

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SunnySideUp2020 Tue 22-Sep-20 18:31:30


firsttimemamax Wed 30-Sep-20 23:09:31

We find out in just under 2 weeks so anymore guesses anyone? Thanks!

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LayingLow Thu 01-Oct-20 07:08:44

Boyy x

firsttimemamax Sat 10-Oct-20 21:58:14

Thanks everyone for your guesses! We find out Monday, anymore guesses? smile

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firsttimemamax Mon 12-Oct-20 20:37:21

He's a boy! Thanks everyone for your guesses smile

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