Lost my baby and tube; what now? Help!

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chestnutbear Tue 15-Sep-20 08:34:06

I had emergency surgery on Saturday as my baby was growing in my right Fallopian tube. I am obviously devastated by this.

The doctor on Sunday told me that my remaining tube looked quite scarred. But speaking to my midwife yesterday; she read the surgery notes to me. It stayed "right ovary and tube look in okay condition."

Yes it's not a "great" condition. But okay is... better than bad??

I'm so worried I won't be able to conceive. We want to want obviously until I have recovered mentally and physically and they say to have 3 cycles first.

Will the NHS let me have my remaining tube tested with dye? I'm not eligible for IVF via NHS due to having a son 8 years ago.

I just don't know what to do now moving forward. Supplements? Vitamins? Just anything to help me conceive in the future.

I was on the mini pill whilst I conceived this time and that's why I may have had an ectopic. X

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SunnySideUp2020 Tue 15-Sep-20 11:56:53

@chestnutbear sorry for your loss flowers
I have no experience of this myself. But my step mum had my sister with only one tube.
So, i would say if you have a good one and an okay one you still have all of your chances!
Apart from folic acid and a healthy lifestyle i don't think you need anything else? You can always take some conception multi vitamin i guess.
And obviously stay off mini pill!

Good luck on your journey x

ivfbeenbusy Tue 15-Sep-20 12:24:32


Hi there - i replied to you on yesterday's thread x

BG1234 Tue 15-Sep-20 13:37:31

Hi @chestnutbear, obviously I can’t comment on your tube and odds of conceiving but I also had a tube removal for an ectopic pregnancy in December and am now 30 wks pregnant again so there is hope x

bb800sam Tue 15-Sep-20 13:41:20

@chestnutbear, I am really sorry that you have experienced this, I understand how traumatic this is. I had an ectopic in 2006, rupture and tube removal. I really struggled after with the loss and also how dangerous the rupture was. Positively I fell pregnant with my DS 7 months later, problem free pregnancy, I had my DD 3 years after my DS and fell pregnant the first month we tried. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. My Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit have been fab with each of my subsequent pregnancies. Hopefully my journey provides you with some hope for the future x x

LittleGungHo Tue 15-Sep-20 14:38:26

I had my left tube removed in May and I am now 14 weeks with my first child.

In May I felt hopeless, though loved with the support of family and friends.

I have not heard of dye to check your remaining tube. All I had was a scan a 8 weeks with this pregnancy to check the baby was in the right place.

Take care and be easy on yourself.

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