Vomit phobia/Sensory ASD issues/fears

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Willawoo Mon 14-Sep-20 21:59:18

I've had a vomit phobia since I was a kid and I never once thought I'd still have this problem age 37 despite various bouts of therapy. It's been a major factor in me putting off kids as well as not being settled which I finally am now. So at my age don't want to waste much more time. I've also recently been assessed finally as on the autism spectrum which would explain the huge sensory/anxiety issues I've always had in relation to my body/way I physically feel. I'm so so so frightened of all the overwhelming physical (and emotional) feelings during pregnancy and birth, of people trying to stick their hand/touch me places I don't want them to when I'm feeling overwhelmed as well as throwing up and being nauseous for unknown amounts of time as I know some people are fine/have hardly any issues, but I've also read of some who have it all the way through their pregnancy and birth. This is compounded by the thought of trying to carry on working and having to put on a face and keep it all secret (I'm very private and at my age I'd not dare broadcast anything till I knew all was well). I'm also terrified of the pain of birth as I've also got mild endometriosis (currently behaving itself) that has previously caused me such bad pain in the nether regions (so bad I scream) the thought of more is also scaring me as well as throwing up during birth. I also know from previous injuries/procedures that gas and air doesn't work for me, just makes me dizzy, feel sick and then get a headache so also panicked about that.
Looking for people who understand/felt the same/have advice. How did you cope?

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Whatthedoodle Tue 15-Sep-20 07:35:57

Hi. I also have emetophobia, I have always made this very clear to midwives from the start of my pregnancies and they have always been supportive. I was lucky enough to not have any sort of sickness in my first and second pregnancy, and during labour I refused any pain relief that could potentially make me sick. For me it was an epidural or nothing. The midwives were great with this and had anti sickness medication at the ready if I needed it but thankfully i didn’t.

I’m pregnant with #3 and have struggled greatly with nausea. I’ve been given anti nausea medication and it’s now easing off at 11 weeks. Thankfully, I didn’t actually vomit.

I hope you can get the support you need from your hospital. Be open and honest from the beginning about everything so they Can have a plan in place for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t help with the other parts of your post, but I wish you the best of luck!

blindmansbluff Tue 15-Sep-20 08:30:18

I've had three kids and am emetophobic. Thankfully I never actually vomitted during any of my pregnancies. Had some nausea though but that doesn't affect me so much if I know why it's there. Also refused painkillers that could make me sick during labour. The trick is to make sure everyone involved in your care knows how you feel and they can come up with solutions to help.

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