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Lydw98 Mon 14-Sep-20 18:57:37

Hi all, I'm 18+2 weeks pregnant. We had an early gender scan at 17+2 twice because the first scan baby had their legs crossed and foot tucked up and would not move no matter what, stubborn bogger.
Anyway, the second scan they had moved and we got it confirmed that baby is a girl. This was incredible news to us because on my partners side his dads family havent had a girl since the birth of my partners great great grandma who would of been over a hundred now and his mum was the last girl born on her side and she is 54!! So a girl was long awaited in their family and almost seemed like an impossibility.
Everybody is over the moon at the surprise because we all thought boy. However, secretly I keep having anxious doubts that we will get to the 20 week scan on the 25th and they will tell us baby is in fact a boy. A few members of our family have already started buying and gifting us with girls clothing which is really thoughtful and kind. I just dread that it's wrong and I will let everybody down.
Anyway we have some pictures of in between babies legs and a video too, I was wondering if you guys could take a look and see what you think. Thank you!!

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Oneandabean Mon 14-Sep-20 20:17:19

Form what I’ve read generally if they say girl it’s pretty accurate as there’s nothing to see, it’s more if they say boy it might be that they couldn’t see the penis and get it wrong

BabyLlamaZen Mon 14-Sep-20 20:18:58

@Oneandabean I've heard the opposite! That little nub can grow.

Were you told the liklihood op?

mumsofboys Mon 14-Sep-20 21:06:46

My boy was pretty obvious at this stage. Could see definately balls and willy! Congrats

Lydw98 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:20:36

Hi, the first scan she said "I'm leaning girly but they arent really letting me see and I dont want to say for definite so we will rebook you." This was before we told her our girl story as above because we didnt want to sway the sonographer towards a particular result.
Second scan she said I'm 100% certain it's a girl, she said she would of been able to tell straight away if it was boy because theres no mistaking the penis at 17 weeks. She also came out the scan room telling the other ladies that shes very certain it's a girl. She seemed pretty adamant. We questioned her many times.

I've heard of the hamburger theory where it looks like a bun and then something in between which is supposed to be the clitoris if it's a girl, which if you zoom in on the second picture you can slightly see the line in between. But I dunno

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CoalCraft Mon 14-Sep-20 21:27:19

Looks very much like a girl to my untrained eye, and if an experienced sonographer agrees I think you can be pretty confident ☺️

I'm not bothered enough to do extra scans but was a bit sad that baby had her legs half-crossed at the 20 week one. Sonographer said "well I don't see anything to make me think boy so... Girl?" grin We are just going with it. If she comes out with a willy, okay!

Lydw98 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:28:29

Can I just add, because I've realised how my post may come across. Baby will be loved incredible amounts regardless of gender, both families have reiterated this to us numerous times and I personally swaying more towards boy because that's what my 5 year old little lad wanted and could imagine having 2 boys. Although a little girl would be amazing too, different parenting journey etc. By letting people down I mean, by getting their hopes up in the first place and I'm pretty sure that's my own issue and not that they would actually be disappointed anyway. Thanks, sorry for my rambling.

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Lydw98 Tue 15-Sep-20 08:35:02

@CoalCraft I'm just worried I'll give birth and she will come out a boy! they will be wearing all girly stuff😂
Just need the 25th to hurry up so I find out and just relax😂

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MadameBlobby Tue 15-Sep-20 08:37:50

I wouldn’t worry, I am sure if they have said 100% baby will be a girl, but even if they are wrong it doesn’t really matter does it? flowers

alphabetti Tue 15-Sep-20 08:47:52

@Lydw98 I understand what you mean about not wanting to prepare people for a baby of certain sex and then have to say oops it’s now the opposite. I had a boy first and it was obvious he was a boy. 2nd I had girl and only had a scan re sex at 20wks. We paints her room pink and bought girls outfits and I did have a fear what if scan was wrong. It wasn’t though she is definitely a girl!

This time I’ve been told at 20week NHS and a private scan a few days later that we are having a girl. There is part of me thinking what if scan has just missed something by I think most of the time scans do get it right.

Lydw98 Tue 15-Sep-20 10:54:55

I'm sure it's just me overthinking everything. Only time can tell, if it's not a girl then nothing will have changed, my love and the love of others will still be very much there. Thanks guys.
I think maybe if someone who had a scan that looked like mine and was a girl I'd be more certain once seeing theirs haha

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