Braxton Hicks

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27andcounting Mon 14-Sep-20 15:29:25

Everyone talks about them but what do they actually feel like?

I’ve got a period like pains, very low behind the pelvis. But I’m also getting a tightening sensation at the top of my bump.

Is this normal Braxton Hicks? Currently 34+1.

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lockdownpregnancy Mon 14-Sep-20 15:44:26

BH come in all shapes and sizes. The apps say tightening and no pain but I strongly disagree.
Some of my BH have been tightenings with a little pain that you can carry on through without it stopping you in your tracks.
Then I've had false labour where the BH were coming every 4 minutes one night and they were absolutely brutal. To the point where I couldn't talk or move, they were that debilitating. I actually thought I was in labour!
I'm currently 38+1 and they are becoming more intense as time goes on, though still very sporadic, so I know it's not go time just yet.
My MW has said it's my bodies way of practising for actual labour!

otterbaby Mon 14-Sep-20 15:55:58

Mine basically feel like my entire tummy is constricting itself, it gets really tight and hard and crampy. Once I had a proper bump (around 28 weeks) you could see my bump sort of spreading and going a weird wide shape too confused they aren't painful, but they can be intense and uncomfortable. I've had them since about 20 weeks and now 37.

Yours don't necessarily sound like BH, I think they tend to be on your lower bump rather than higher up? That sounds more like standard late pregnancy pains.

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