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user1471518119 Mon 14-Sep-20 11:59:32

Hi all,
I've seen various post partum clothes advertised like support leggings, support underwear and support belts. Are these worth buying or are they a waste of time?

Now 21 weeks and want to have everything ready for post birth to ensure the best recovery.

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BumbleNova Mon 14-Sep-20 12:08:37

Bit of a waste of time money/tbh. It's basically support to "hold you in" so you look less like you have had a baby. Frankly, I don't think there is anything wrong with looking like you have just done something as amazing as have a baby.

I just wore comfy things post birth. My midwife advised one week in bed, one week on the sofa.

peachypetite Mon 14-Sep-20 12:55:04

I’d wait and see how you feel and look post birth instead of wasting money now.

badg3r Mon 14-Sep-20 13:06:49

I just wore my pregnancy clothes after my babies until I fitted back into my pre pregnancy clothes. About four months in I bought some normal jeans in a size or so up from my pre pregnancy size while my bum and hips settled back. The post pregnancy clothes are all a swizz in my opinion, they are just after you money! Leggings and baggy tops all the way.

Superscientist Mon 14-Sep-20 16:15:05

It all depends on how much your body changes and how long it takes to settle into your post pregnancy body. Within a week I had lost that pregnant look and fitted back into my first trimester - early second trimester clothing. At 5 weeks pp I'm wearing a mix of fitted maternity clothes and my larger prepregnancy clothes. What I wear is pretty irrelevant as it's only on a short while before it's covered in milk, spit up or baby poo.

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