Little movement 17 wks

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Iamthecrazycatlady Mon 14-Sep-20 09:49:26

Hi all

I am 17 weeks preg and had a scan and the sonographer said I have an anterior placenta, i know from this that you wont feel movement as much until further on, I have had though little pops in my tummy (not wind haha) googled it and it appears to be early movement, i havent felt anything for a few days though need I be concerned? Or just hold tight until i feel kicks and then just keep track from there? 1st pregnancy so all new to me X

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Iamthecrazycatlady Mon 14-Sep-20 09:49:45

Thank you x

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Niketan Mon 14-Sep-20 09:54:05

I think everyone's experience is different. I had anterior placenta with my 1st and still felt lots of movement from about 22 weeks. But I would say that 17 weeks is really early, baby is still tiny so it makes sense you might feel a flutter and then nothing for a few days. I think the advice is to monitor movement from 24/26 weeks ish. You will definitely know when the kicking starts! I would say though if you're concerned you should give your midwife team a call for some professional reassurance.

theresaplaceforus Mon 14-Sep-20 11:48:31

@Iamthecrazycatlady hi, I’m almost 36 weeks at the moment with a high anterior placenta. This is my first baby, I started feeling movements at about 17 weeks, flutters here and there so it is possible with an anterior placenta, I would say they were definite kicks by 19 weeks x

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