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Newbee123 Mon 14-Sep-20 08:18:15

Best buggies for someone who lives in a flat and will be doing most of the things by herself as my husband will be at work most days. Thank you. Btw this is for a new born

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Sanitisethat Mon 14-Sep-20 08:22:33

Do you have a pram centre or shop near you where you could try them out? You’ll want something lightweight and easy to fold. Maybe the icandy range. We went for a silver cross but it’s really sturdy (we live in the country) and heavy, you wouldn’t want to carry it up to a flat.

sqirrelfriends Mon 14-Sep-20 08:41:41

If you live on a flat I would recommend something small and light. I know a few people who have the baby zen yo-yo and it's really lovely, folds away really small and you can get a newborn pack which has a baby carrier.

theresaplaceforus Mon 14-Sep-20 11:59:05

@Newbee123 I live in a flat too and in a similar situation. I’ve actually just gone for the pram I wanted - the bugaboo Fox 2, I’m planning on keeping in it my car boot - which is big enough and carrying baby up in car seat. If we are just going out for a walk in the pram I’m planning to carry baby down in carrier and transfer her into carry cot. It seems like a lot but a friend is in exactly the same situation and worried about this too and now her little one is here says that it’s absolutely fine and nowhere near what she envisaged. I’ve only 4 weeks to go so I’ll let you know if I’ve made an awful choice!

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