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Bl2000 Sun 13-Sep-20 22:18:07

Hi guys, so I found out I was 2 pregnant on august 5th

I had some worries about having anemia etc so I have been booking in for early scans

First scan fine
Second scan at 6 weeks showed the sac had grown since last time and baby but no heart beat so they scheduled me in the same day the next week
On that scan they told me there was still no heartbeat but there was a developed feral pole which Wasnt there last time. They said the baby apparently “hasn’t grown” and still s measuring at 6.5 weeks so they’ve put it down to a miscarriage. But looking at the pictures the 6th week one I had only showed a little ball and the 7th shows the shape of a baby so it obviously has grown I’m so confused!!

I’ve had no cramping and no bleeding and still getting symptoms of pregnancy nauseous etc has anyone ever been told it’s a miscarriage and no growth/heartbeat yet resulted in a worked out pregnancy??

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Bl2000 Sun 13-Sep-20 22:18:57

Could it just be slow fetal growth?

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mumsofboys Sun 13-Sep-20 22:33:01

I hope you're ok. Didn't want to read and run. You don't necessarily need bleeding go or loss of symptoms. It would be called a 'missed miscarriage' I'd get a second opinion. Are these private or nhs?
Fingers crossed for you.

calimommy Mon 14-Sep-20 04:27:14

Once the baby/foetus grows to a certain size it has to have a heart beat. It's happened a few times to me. Im sorry my dear. The last time I went for the D&C after a week or two as it was taking a long time to kick off naturally. Best of luck.

KihoBebiluPute Mon 14-Sep-20 05:04:21

what a difficult time. flowers

it is such early days that nothing can be certain. in the absence of modern technology you would currently just be aware that your period is a bit late and wondering if you might possibly be pregnant.

if this is a miscarriage then there's probably no harm in waiting another week to verify. it's clear you are desperate for this not to be what is happening and it will be heartbreaking if it is. nothing you can do or not do will change the outcome at this stage, you haven't done anything wrong and there isn't a 'right' path to take, so be kind to yourself. if things aren't going to work out this time, there can be a next time. it's a tough break living through these weeks of not knowing though.

huge numbers of pregnancies don't make it past the first few weeks, and 50 years ago in most cases all that would happen would be a woman realising her period was late by a week or so and then along it comes and no clue that there was more to it. when a pregnancy doesn't develop but also doesn't trigger it ending with bleeding etc this is a "missed" miscarriage and without medical intervention can risk a serious infection, but in most cases there isn't an immediate urgency to dealing with it quickly. when I had a mmc I thought everything was normal until I had what should have been a 12 week scan and what they found then showed that growth had stopped at 7 weeks so it was more obvious that there wasn't anything to hope for. likewise if you hadn't had these early scans you would still be blissfully ignorant of any problem, so it seems to me that if taking some extra time to be certain is going to be helpful for you, then that is ok.

at the moment you want to grasp on to the tiny hope that because there was a difference between what was seen in the two scans, that might mean that there is still growth happening. whether that straw is worth clutching for is not something I can know over the internet. trust your medical professionals and be kind to yourself. check with them that you aren't increasing any risk of harm by waiting another week or two then having another scan.

no one can make this all be ok. it just has to be lived through, for good or ill.


Bl2000 Mon 14-Sep-20 12:10:12

Thank you everyone I am just going to wait another week and see what happens, it was the nhs who told me but fingers crossed

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