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QwertyBert Sun 13-Sep-20 17:04:47


Has anyone been prescribed medication for nausea in first trimester? I feel like I’m on the verge of vomiting from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep and often waking up through the night. I’m only actually vomiting 2-4 times a day but retching constantly. It’s impacting my work, I can’t eat, I’m absolutely miserable. I’ve got acupuncture wrist bands and every type of tea and biscuits going.

I’ve not left the house for 8 days and lost half a stone.

Friends have suggested that the doctor/ midwife won’t be interested as I’m not actually throwing up that much.

I’m exhausted and broken. I don’t know how much I can take. I’m only 6 weeks and I feel cursed.

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BlenheimOrange Sun 13-Sep-20 17:06:50

Yes. Cyclizine or promethazine are what they give you first. Then stronger stuff if that doesn’t work. I’ve had medication in both my pregnancies.

Superscientist Sun 13-Sep-20 17:34:52

It doesn't hurt to ask. I was prescribed cyclizine and my gp was more concerned with my weight loss ~5%, the amount I was able to eat and the impact it was having on my mental health rather than the exact number of times I was being physically sick. She also offered to sign me off sick but I chose to see if the medication would help first in combination with the odd day off sick. If I was to do it again I would probably accept the time off sick as I worked on days I should have been at home in bed. There is no point struggling in silence with nausea and sickness.

My gp was more sympathic than my midwife who just suggest eating a cracker in the morning. I have heard others that had the opposite so if you don't have luck with one try the other!

sarahb083 Sun 13-Sep-20 17:35:21

I was prescribed metoclopromide which helped a bit. If you're struggling I really recommend speaking to your GP so they can prescribe something. I had terrible, terrible nausea and it got better at about 11 weeks. Good luck

FightMilkTM Sun 13-Sep-20 17:39:54

Yup, they will be concerned about weight loss and if you have ketones in your urine.
I was being sick but in a way the nausea was more debilitating, and I had cyclizine, meta- something which didn’t work at all, and then my holy grail ondansteron which was the absolute dogs bullocks. But different people find that different drugs work for them so don’t be disheartened if you have to try a couple.

ALew15 Sun 13-Sep-20 17:45:39

Aw I feel for you. I have been exactly the same. I couldn't even drink a sip of water, let alone eat anything. I've just got to 14 weeks now and it is getting slightly better but then sometimes I have a really bad day. I was prescribed Cyclazine and I took it for a day and a half and all I did was sleep. I can't say whether it eased the nausea because I was out cold! My nausea seems to have been replaced with crippling migraines now. Paracetamol does absolutely nothing!
I would say rest, take the time off work you need. It's such a debilitating time xx

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