Help?! So confused 😫 am I pregnant?

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Kayley2020 Sun 13-Sep-20 16:05:24

So for the past few weeks I have had nausea, been super emotional and had a few other symptoms. Then I missed my period, but now a week after my period was due I have started bleeding, kind of. It’s not heavy at all and I have no cramps like I usually do, and tmi but it’s not red blood, it’s mostly just brown, with the occasional pinky redness and it’s more than just spotting. Yesterday I woke up with post nasal drip, which is horrible and I have never had this before nor do I have any allergies. I have taken pregnancy tests and all come back negative. I am so confused with what’s going on with my body. Can anyone help? I’m torn between thinking I am pregnant or feeling stupid because the tests are negative and I should believe them.

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H8624 Sun 13-Sep-20 16:43:39

If your tests are negative then no you're not pregnant

Galaxycat Sun 13-Sep-20 16:51:39

When did you take the last test?

If you took the tests before your missed period then you should take another now you’ve missed it.

lucymagoo Sun 13-Sep-20 16:51:40

For those kinds of symptoms you would have to be a few weeks pregnant and since the tests are saying no I'm inclined to say you're not, it sounds like it's just a bug

MagpieSong Sun 13-Sep-20 18:42:49

I have issues getting tests that are positive. I seem to get some negatives until I'm about 3 months in. My midwife and drs thought it was possibly related to how much water I drink (diluting hormones in urine), but also said some women don't get positive tests as easily. I do get other symptoms and recognise them very early (always sore, sore boobs, lots more sensitive than PMS stuff, more irritable, nauseous and tired and no period). Saying that, from my missed period, if I restrict liquid intake (no water overnight), don't go to toilet overnight and take the test straight away on waking, I will get at least one positive. I find the early tests that respond to lower levels of hormones work best for me. Often the standard ones are negative until a bit later. For my DS, I got so many negatives that I went to a clinic who finally got a positive for me! I was about 7 weeks in at that point.

You may know already by now, but I thought this might be helpful if you were still unsure. False negatives definitely happen, particularly if you drink water like a fish as I do! xxx

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