6 weeks - boobs don’t always hurt?

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elh06 Sun 13-Sep-20 13:52:56

Hi all.

I’m around 6 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. Should I be concerned that my boobs are only sore on and off? I feel very tired and slightly nauseous but I was expecting my boobs to be permanently sore.

Has anyone experiences similar? Thank you.

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MummytoCSJH Sun 13-Sep-20 13:53:30

I didn't have sore boobs at all during pregnancy. Everyone is different. Nothing to be concerned about.

kwastell Sun 13-Sep-20 14:32:49

Mine are sore some days and not others. I think it's normal. They definitely weren't as sore very early on as they were in other pregnancies, but am 11 weeks now and all seems to be fine.

elh06 Sun 13-Sep-20 15:03:18

Reassuring to hear, thank you both for your responses @MummytoCSJH @kwastell smile

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SunnySideUp2020 Sun 13-Sep-20 15:25:02

Definitely an on and off thing...

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