6 week scan - advice

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Nannon145 Sat 12-Sep-20 18:58:01

I have a scan booked on Thursday and I should be 6+3. The reason I’ve booked this early is because I’m going on holiday with my parents on Friday so wanted to have the reassurance before I tell them because they’ll know I’m not drinking and that’s unusual for me 🤣

What I wanted to ask is, I know sometimes you can ovulate late and be earlier on than you think etc etc but I got my BFP 2 weeks ago today so does that mean that I’m definitely 6 weeks plus today because I got that BFP? That’s what the private ultrasound clinic said so just wanted to see if anyone else had heard this?

Thank you in advance

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Nannon145 Sat 12-Sep-20 19:15:47


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Livingmagicallyagain Sat 12-Sep-20 19:30:13

It varies! You won't know until the scan, many people are a little off with their dates. And it depends when you take the test. I took mine at 20dpo, some take one at 9dpo.

Lozz22 Sat 12-Sep-20 19:37:17

I went for mine at 7 weeks. Knew the day I'd conceived but the scan measured me at 4.5-5 weeks instead.

LeopardLover Sat 12-Sep-20 19:38:55

How exciting! I hope your scan goes well. 😊 We had an early scan today at 8+2 (I used the NHS calculator to work out how far I was based on the first date of my last period). I assumed I'd be measuring smaller because of this (as I didn't ovulate for a few days) but I measured at 8+6. It varies so much at this early stage, I think it'll change again by the time the 12 week scan rolls around!

AIBU22 Sat 12-Sep-20 19:39:22

It might not be that reassuring because you can't always see a heartbeat at that early gestation. I work in this field.

Nannon145 Sat 12-Sep-20 19:46:16

@AIBU22 I completely understand that and it does worry me that I won’t but I feel I haven’t got a choice with going away on Friday

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Mother2princess Sat 12-Sep-20 19:51:18

Hit or miss but a good chance you’ll find out of everything is okay

AIBU22 Sat 12-Sep-20 19:55:06

It's just for some people it doesn't reassure them because just because they can't see a heartbeat doesn't mean it's not there, it's just very early to have a scan.

Nannon145 Sat 12-Sep-20 20:10:43

@Mother2princess fingers crossed

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Galaxycat Sat 12-Sep-20 20:12:44

There are several posts a week on here from women worrying as they have gone for a private scan and got their weeks a week or two out and not seen a heartbeat. This could ruin your holiday rather than make is a joyful time. I always think private places should have a rule that they don’t scan until the woman thinks she is at least 10 weeks, that way if she’s 8 then hopefully there would be a heartbeat.

Don’t mean to be negative and really hope everything will be fine and congratulations!!

SunbathingDragon Sat 12-Sep-20 20:14:53

Some places won’t scan before seven weeks because of the likelihood of causing worry due to heartbeat not being seen and dates being wrong.

I got my BFP 2 weeks ago today so does that mean that I’m definitely 6 weeks plus today because I got that BFP?

No, I’ve got a BFP when it’s been 8dpo before and you add two days on to the ovulation date if you aren’t able to rely on your LMP. It’s quite possible you are around 4 weeks - if your BFP was a fortnight ago and was before the end of your LP.

SunbathingDragon Sat 12-Sep-20 20:16:34

*two weeks not two days. It’s ovulation/14 day LP minus two weeks = day one of pregnancy.

Nannon145 Sat 12-Sep-20 20:28:07

@Galaxycat I know I get where you’re coming from but my parents don’t even know I’m trying. I’ve wanted to give a massive surprise to them so they don’t know about my previous miscarriages or anything. Don’t know what to do

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plixy Sat 12-Sep-20 21:21:23

I don't want to be completely down about things but if you don't want to tell them about miscarriages then I wouldn't be announcing the pregnancy to them even if your scan this week is ok.
6 weeks is very early and unfortunately lots of women see a heartbeat at this point and still go on to have a miscarriage. People generally wait until the 12 weeks as it's much less likely then.

ScottishStardust Sat 12-Sep-20 22:23:18

We went for an early scan at exactly 6w due to a previous ectopic! The yolk sac was spotted pretty quickly by the Sonographer which was amazing! We got a HB but we did not expect to see it due to being so early! I would suggest that don't go in expecting to see a HB as I believe it's uncommon.

Gemc81 Sat 12-Sep-20 22:44:43

Text the week before. Tell them you've got a really sore tooth. Couple of days before tell them you've been to the dentist and you have an infection and that you've been put on metronidazole so you can't drink on holiday - make a big thing about it being painful and sucking that you can't drink while away. Pop your pregnancy pills into a screw cap pill bottle and take them with you on holiday to "take your tablets" while you're there.

If they don't know you're trying they won't suspect that you're pregnant surely?

Funkypolar Sat 12-Sep-20 23:58:08

I had a scan at 6 weeks 4 days and clearly saw baby and a heartbeat.

The chance of loss is reduced after a heartbeat is detected. www.verywellfamily.com/miscarriage-heartbeat-ultrasound-odds-2371536

Nannon145 Sun 13-Sep-20 08:17:03

@Gemc81 I did actually think this because I am a dental nurse. I’m gonna have to speak to my partner and decide on what to do

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Elspethelf Mon 14-Sep-20 05:44:38

I had my LMP July 13th, BFP August 17th, and early scan due to bleeding August 31st. I thought I was 7 weeks at the time of the scan, they found an empty gestational sac that measured only 5 weeks and said the pregnancy viability was 50/50. I had a second scan to confirm September 9th and saw a yolk sac, fetal pole and heartbeat. It was a horrible week and a half of not knowing. Early scans are great when you see something, but agonizing if you don't. I hope your scan goes well but if it doesn't, try and not panic. 6 weeks is very early.

PrimeraVez Mon 14-Sep-20 06:02:19

Would agree with previous posters - that early, there is a good chance you might not see anything particularly conclusive or reassuring. It absolutely doesn't mean that anything is wrong, but just that it's a bit too early. Do you want to spend your holiday fretting about it? Having been in a similar situation myself, it was fucking agony. For that reason, my OB/GYN doesn't like to scan before at least 7 weeks.

Enjoy your break and congratulations!

bluemoon2468 Mon 14-Sep-20 06:39:35

I had a scan at the EPU for a suspected ectopic at 6+4 and the sonographer detected a heartbeat but only just - it took her ages (scariest few mins of my life) and she said that if it had been literally days or even hours earlier then she wouldn't have detected it. They asked me to go back again a week later to confirm, as she'd only been able to see it for a few seconds. At that scan baby was literally a blob, a week later it had a head, body and the start of limbs! Crazy how much can change in a week! But yeah, if you're only a few days less than you think you are then you could be in for a very scary experience, even if everything is absolutely fine. I would just tell your parents without the scan!

Nannon145 Mon 14-Sep-20 16:46:08

Don’t know what to do now.......

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Elspethelf Tue 15-Sep-20 06:05:10

@Nannon145 It's fine to have an early scan if you go in with the right expectations. Just know they may not see anything and that does not mean you should panic, it could just mean its too early.

Nannon145 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:54:27

Just got back from the scan and we SAW A LITTLE HEARTBEAT

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