5/6 weeks pregnant

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emla91 Fri 11-Sep-20 13:11:42

Hi ladies,

Ive just found out I'm pregnant about 5/6 weeks. I have a 19 month old son and whilst I was pregnant with him I had hyperemesis it was awful! Basically straight from finding out. I have so far not had a hint of sickness yet ( I know it's still early) I was just wondering if anyone was really sick with there first and was ok with their second? I must admit I'm terrified of being that sick again 🙈 but I'm also worried something is wrong because by this point with my son I was so sick if that makes sense 🙈.

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Hirewiredays Fri 11-Sep-20 13:19:40

Sick with my first two who are boys no sickness at all with the third, which is a girl! Goes totally against the old wives tales.

Hirewiredays Fri 11-Sep-20 13:20:18

Sorry, I also had a miscarriage and I was so sick with that one to. It was a boy.

emla91 Fri 11-Sep-20 13:38:17

@Hirewiredays thanks for the reply! With my first everyone thought it was a girl because I was so ill and it was a boy lol. I have also had 2 early losses but I had no symptoms which makes me worry 🙈 but due to them my midwife is getting me scanned in 2 weeks time. Very odd how you were so sick with boys and not with the girl lol.

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CrazyFooLady Sat 12-Sep-20 08:31:18

I was quite sick with my first and absolutely horrendous with my girls....,
10 years later, I'm 40 and pregnant again with a new partner (completely unplanned) and will be 8 weeks on Monday.
I felt sick for a few weeks and then nothing, not sure if this is down to age or a different guy.
All I know Is that by now I would usurped be making very good friends with the toilet

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