SneakPeek Sex Test?

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Queenbee95 Fri 11-Sep-20 09:36:07

Has anyone actually bought one of these and they’ve been correct?
I’ve seen it advertised recently but I obviously don’t want to go paying £69 for a lot of rubbish!

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sarahb083 Fri 11-Sep-20 10:14:55

I think they're quite popular in the US. I'm on a US pregnancy forum and the SneakPeek tests seem to be wrong as often as they're right!

Oneandabean Fri 11-Sep-20 10:52:51

I looked at the reviews and by the sounds of it they just guess. It’s a 50/50 chance they are right and they seem to get it wrong just as often. I wouldn’t waste your money it seems a bit of a scam. Wait for a gender scan

sheetspread Fri 11-Sep-20 11:56:30

They don't guess, that would be illegal. They do exactly the same thing as would be done in a clinical setting. The reason they are not infallible is that incredible caution is required with the blood-taking if you have any male humans or animals in the house, because the slightest amount of contamination will throw up a boy result when you may well be carrying a girl.

I'm on a forum where a lot of women use them and you would be surprised (or perhaps not) by the number of women who blithely admit to doing a slapdash job with the bloods, not washing their hands thoroughly after playing with their son and accidentally letting it run under their nail before going into the collection bottle etc, and are then surprised when their boy result turns out to be nonsense at ultrasound.

If you do it before the stated cut off (8 weeks I believe) then there is a small risk of the opposite issue (it being too early for male DNA to be discernible in maternal blood).

The problem with them is mainly that a large % of are bad at reproducing anything approximating laboratory conditions at home. But the test itself does what it says on the tin.

bibs124 Sat 12-Sep-20 10:34:25

How many weeks are you OP? I have also looked at this but have decided I would rather spend £70 on a private scan at 16 weeks to find out the gender as then get to see the baby too smile

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