C section recovery. Need your stories!

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BeMorePacific Fri 11-Sep-20 09:39:01

Your weight is of no concern to anyone! Do not push yourself so hard. All you need is rest, and to look after the baby.
I had a c section and ended up with 3 different infections on my scar back to back. It was truly awful. So please trust me and slow down.
Congratulations on the birth of your baby, take care xx x

MyNameIsAlexDrake Fri 11-Sep-20 01:11:57

Woah, steady, it's only been 2 1/2 weeks and you've had a pregnancy and major surgery, not to mention post pregnancy bleeding and your womb contracting back into place!

My section was 8 yrs ago so I'm a little hazy on the details now but my scar healed no problem. The problems I did have though were with swelling post surgery, mainly in my legs. I can still remember walking down the stairs crab style for a good many months after. I can also remember after a few weeks thinking that yeah, my scar is ok I can go push the pram on a walk to the shops for a few hours, err no. Whenever I pushed myself my bleeding would become much worse and the fatigue!!

Slow and steady is the way to go. Maybe go out for a 20 min slow walk with the pram, if ok, try 25 mins the following day etc etc. Please don't push yourself.

Redruby25 Fri 11-Sep-20 01:00:21

Not at all are you asking for too much, but please slow down and take it easy on yourself. You are only 2.5 weeks in to having a new baby!
Okay, so I was over due induced and had an emergency c section, worst experience of my life. I had my son on the Wednesday night and was on my feet by the Thursday morning, had no choice, needed to get up to look after son, and was itching to get up and sort my things out and stuff, plus I was told that I should do so, it was hard, the pain was awful but I done it, and as Thursday went on I was feeling better. And was chucked out on the Friday. I also then went back to what we were living in at the time which was shared accommodation, so not easy walking in to a house that were all asleep as it was gone midnight, with a newborn baby, things I wanted to do and sort out, but just had to make the best of it and do what I could and get to bed.
I done far too much in the early days, and was feeling sick, wound got infected and I had to have antibiotics which is the usual thing I guess, which helped, but once I was able to wash the area better and get air to it, it done it wonders!
Bleeding I was over the moon as apart from daily discharge I had very little in the way of blood, for a short amount of time until my normal period returned, which I can't even remember when that was!
It took me a good few weeks to start to feel better, my stomach felt numb in parts due to nerve damage you get from surgery, though the upper part of my stomach was lovely and flat for a little while, partner even said the same.
Was sore/painful when I would go for a wee, and I wondered if I had a UTI because of the catheter they put in after op or whenever it is, seemed to clear with drinking water and a bit of time. Bowels went back to normal after a fair few days, though I was given this liquid to take to help but never ended up using it or needing it.
Took me a fair few months to feel better over all though as I struggled with it all for one reason and another.
Please if you have a supportive partner allow them to do as much as they can, and use this time to rest when you can, I would do so many things differently if I had that time back again. All the best x

SarahF2019 Fri 11-Sep-20 00:28:14

C section 17 days ago. So 2.5 weeks
And i feel like its 2 steps forward 1 step back.
Last week my bleeding slowed but now its back to the point where im in the BIG MAMA SUPER DOOPER PADS lol. Ive been trying to walk and get moving this week (due to the lecture i had from the surgeon about my weight.. literally hours after i had the baby) but walking seems to prompt cramping and pelvic/hip pain.
My bowels are still no where near back to normal. ( sorry TMI Diahrrea). Im still puffy and swollen, my lower abdomen is still hard and firm, still struggling to bend certain ways....(which is causing certain....issues.... wiping on the toilet.. AGAIN TMI SORRY)
Like NOTHING feels like its improving...maybe the appearance of my scar.. I thought/hoped at least ONE thing would improve by now.

Now im ABSOLUTELY NOT asking to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes, im not asking for weight loss, im not asking to LOOK back to normal; i just want to HEAL. And it feels like my body is taking its sweet ass time! Lol

Any one got any similar experiences? Am i asking for too much too soon? Is it possible to take a step back in recovery ?

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