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Hayleydobedoo Thu 10-Sep-20 09:33:07

Hi all

Nervous nelly over here! I was on google last night as i have raised prolactin and have an app this week to discuss it, although im told not to worry as they do elevate during pregnancy...but I got reading on other stuff re 20 wk scans etc I had a 12 wk scan at that time i was 13 wks, all was well and v low risk of downs, i heard hb from midwife on Monday. I read though about abnormalities being picked up on 20 wks, one being kidneys my mums friend unfortunatey lost her baby due to an issue with kidneys, no mention of kidneys on my 12 wk report and now im fearing any chances of things going wrong at the next scan, if something was wrong would they have picked up on it at 12 wks?! I know they wouldnt offer a 20 wk scan if all could be seen at 12 but I just need some advice or something i still have a while till scan and going out my mind, i had a MC over a year ago, I have fallen in love with this little baby inside me and I know people have awful situations to go through with loss I am just over paranoid and worried


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Hayleydobedoo Thu 10-Sep-20 09:33:37

Sorry for long message any advice would be great x

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Sanch1 Thu 10-Sep-20 09:37:02

Hi. There is a chance that something wrong with baby could be picked up at 20 weeks, they check all major organs and growth, that's why it is called an anomoly scan. Could be something minor that can be managed/fixed or something more serious. However, it is much more likely that there will be nothing wrong and everything will be fine. All you can do is think positively and see. There is a much higher chance of baby being absolutely fine so focus on that.

NoGinNotComingIn Thu 10-Sep-20 10:01:51

If they could check everything at 12 weeks they wouldn’t be a need to do a 20 week scan. As pp said all the major organs are checked at the 20 week scan and of course something can be picked up after a 12 week scan where everything is fine. I’m 16 weeks pregnant, everything was fine at 12 weeks but I know they can still find things wrong with the heart etc. It’s my 3rd child and I’ve just not worried about it until sat there on the day, there’s absolutely no point in googling and worrying, you’ll drive yourself mad. Things can go wrong at any point during a pregnancy unfortunately, it’s better to just not think about what could happen.

ivfbeenbusy Thu 10-Sep-20 10:08:04

I've had a few extra private scans due to 7 previous losses and this being a twin pregnancy. I've found the sonographer checks for more things - I had to have the NT thickness measured privately because the twins wouldn't sit still the week before at the NHS 12 week scan and the NHS will only try twice to get the measurement. At the private scan he checked the heart and various other things so feel confidant he would have raised an issue had he seen one. I'm having another scan tomorrow at 16+5 privately as feel they wait between 12-20 weeks is just too long with what is considered a "high" risk pregnancy

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