When did you start showing the second time??

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Mummy120494 Thu 10-Sep-20 00:29:56

Ok so I'm currently just under 12 weeks with my second baby! I didn't start showing with my first I believe around 18 weeks but I swear I'm
Already showing! Is this too early to be showing is it just the extra chocolate I've been eating haha when did you show second time around ??

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sarahc336 Thu 10-Sep-20 06:44:42

Slot of it was bloating but I could see my bump starting from 10 weeks this second time round and by 14 weeks it was defo a pregnancy bump. You show a lot sooner second time round and often measure bigger x

Disappointedkoala Thu 10-Sep-20 06:48:44

There was a fair bit of bloat but I was noticeably pregnant by 13 weeks. Looking at photos from last time I think I look a couple of weeks bigger than I do with my first.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Thu 10-Sep-20 07:12:11

C.4 months- first time was 6 months. I feel huge this time with still 8 wks to go

Gerdticker Thu 10-Sep-20 08:49:23

At about 3 dpo!! grin

No honestly - I bought some maternity leggings at 9 weeks this time as I was already uncomfortable. Had a proper little bump at about 14/16 weeks.

Mummy120494 Thu 10-Sep-20 10:17:30

Thanks ladies ! Gosh so it could well be a little bump ! Crazy but goood to know it's not just the extra chocolate and pizza haha!

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grey12 Thu 10-Sep-20 10:36:34

I'm pregnant with my 3rd and was showing at around 2 months. I was hiding the pregnancy and that last month got slightly uncomfortable to wear normal trousers. With my second I think it was around 3 months. 4 months for my first

Congratulations! grin


MichelleOR84 Fri 11-Sep-20 09:56:04

With my first pregnancy I started showing about 16 weeks but it wasn’t obvious until 20-22 weeks. With my second pregnancy I started showing at 11 weeks but it wasn’t obvious until 15/16 weeks ! By the time I hit 28 weeks I was measuring the same as my first pregnancy.

96bored Fri 11-Sep-20 09:58:39

My second pregnancy I was showing at 12 weeks, after not showing at all until 30 weeks with my first. A woman even came up to me at my 12 week scan to comment on what a lovely bump I had - I found out half an hour later I was pregnant with twins grin I think everyone is different. But I was showing at 12 weeks x

Sussexbysea Mon 14-Sep-20 18:55:51

I’m 15 weeks tomorrow with my second and I’m big. I was showing at 12 weeks too.

People at my work don’t know and I saw someone the other day and had to try and hide it with a bag. We’re currently waiting for NIPT results, otherwise I’d be screaming the news from the roof tops!!!!

DelurkingAJ Mon 14-Sep-20 19:00:04

First about 22 weeks, second about three days (I was muttering that’s my clothing was all wrong before I knew I was pregnant) and actually showing as far as the wider world was concerned about 14 weeks.

Lozz22 Mon 14-Sep-20 19:43:32

4 pregnancies but no live births. My 4th one I couldn't have hidden it if I'd wanted to. I started showing around 6 weeks and by 8 weeks had bump that looked more like 14 weeks

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