What happens when I get to 40 weeks? FTM questions

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theresaplaceforus Wed 09-Sep-20 21:48:42

I’m 35 weeks and a FTM ... I’m quite anxious about things and the birth.
I’m wondering if someone could explain what happens if I get to my due date and haven’t gone into labour? What happens with appointments and when would induction be suggested/best to happen etc? What about sweeps when do they happen? What exactly is a sweep? Sorry I really am clueless

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GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 09-Sep-20 21:54:02

So a lot of your questions are area dependent and you’re better off asking your midwife for an exact answer.

A sweep (or stretch and sweep) is when the midwife runs her finger around your cervix to irritate it and try and send you in to labour. It’s like a very thorough smear test.

Viletta Wed 09-Sep-20 21:55:49

There are two options: keep monitoring you and the baby, usually this is a few times a week to make sure baby is not too big and still happy.
Option 2: induce labour, there are different ways of doing it, you can research pros and cons or ask your midwife.

Gerdticker Wed 09-Sep-20 22:02:10

This is a great time to do some more research about it so you’re prepared if 40 weeks arrived and baby is still comfy inside smile

Lots and lots of babies are born after 40 weeks - my own DC1 was at 41+1

I declined a sweep because my Mum, who had 3 babies, was 1 or 2 weeks late with all of them. Apparently there is strong evidence that Daughters will have similar gestation lengths to their Mums!

In my wonderful hypnobirthing course, I learned that if you have a low risk pregnancy then there is no reason to hurry baby out of the door at 40 weeks. I was prepared to turn down any intervention (such as a sweep) until 42 weeks, and possibly a few days longer, if me and the baby were well.

Some babies need longer to cook so we should consider letting them happily grow a bit more in the lovely safety of your tummy!

Of course some babies need to come sooner if there is a medical concern, but if not I really encourage folks just to be patient and give baby the choice to come when they’re ready x

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