Gestational diabetes + healthy BMI?

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BobCat2020 Wed 09-Sep-20 20:13:23

I had a growth scan today and it turns out my baby is measuring 3 weeks ahead (I'm 32 weeks) and I have excess amniotic fluid. I've been tested today for gestational diabetes and I'm really anxious about it as I already have a low sugar diet and had a BMI of 20 before I got pregnant. The main thing that's worrying me is that if I do have gestational diabetes then I won't be able to make many changes to my diet and that it may prevent me from having a natural birth. I really don't want an epidural or c-section as the idea of a needle going in my spine or a knife cutting me open fills me with fear. I appreciate that I may not have GD and that it might just be a large baby though.

My questions: Is there anyone out there with GD that are within the 'normal' BMI range with no relatives that have diabetes? What was the rest of your pregnancy and birth like?

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Teakind Wed 09-Sep-20 21:47:38

Yes me. I had GD with my DS and have a healthy BMI with no family history of diabetes. It definitely shocked me.

When you say low sugar, is it also low carb? That was the main change for me. Also sometimes nothing you eat can help and you need medicine to help but a lot of ladies do manage to control it with diet.

I was induced because he was big and they were concerned about him getting stuck. Three hours after they broke my waters, I delivered him using only gas and air : )

Teakind Wed 09-Sep-20 21:49:23

Sorry I worded that terribly! It’s been a long day!

ACatCalledLola Wed 09-Sep-20 21:58:08

I’m also 32 weeks, healthy BMI and no risk factors but was diagnosed a month ago. I have to monitor my fasting blood sugar levels and after meals. My post meal readings are all fine but my fasting levels are too high so I’ve been put on medication. Unfortunately it’s a hormonal thing so beyond my control. It’s rubbish but manageable and there will be dietary changes you can make. I have a reasonably healthy diet for example but I was eating far too much fruit and carby veg.

LavenderBucket Wed 09-Sep-20 22:28:48

I had GD, eventually you learn what you can and cannot eat. If you have it then a GD nurse can help explain it to you.

The reason for posting is that I didn't want epidural or c-section and I got both. I'm the biggest wimp when it comes to pain and needles (embarrassingly so) and honestly it wasn't at all bad, so please try not to worry if it comes to that.

All the best daffodil

BobCat2020 Thu 10-Sep-20 21:44:37

Thanks so much to you all for taking the time to come back to me. Your replies have really helped!

@Teakind This is the thing. If my results come back and I do have GD, then I'll look to cut back on carbs. I also eat at least an apple or an orange most days (sometimes I will have two) - so I'll cut them out from my diet in the hope that it will be enough.

I'm glad you were able to have a smooth birth! It's really reassuring to hear. Was your LO born completely healthy too?

@ACatCalledLola It's good that they were able to identify it as GD a month ago. It feels so frustrating that it's out of your control but I guess that's like pregnancy in general!

@LavenderBucket Thank you for your reply, I'll definitely be asking for lots of advice on what I can do to reduce my sugar intake. I'm already trying to reduce the amount of fruit I eat to be on the safe side. I did have pasta with my dinner tonight though. Still room for improvement!

Thank you for the reassurance regarding epidurals and c-sections. It's funny because normal injections/needles don't bother me. The idea of a needle going in my spine just freaks me out! I'm sure when the time comes, if I need an epidural or c-section, then it will be ok smile.

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Teakind Thu 10-Sep-20 22:11:51

@BobCat2020 yes my son is very healthy : )

You can still have fruit but berries are lower in sugar. Also, you can pair your carbs/sugar with fats so your body processes it better. For example, have your apple but pair it with a babybell and some nuts.

If you look at the gestational diabetes uk website and their matching Facebook page you’ll get loads of really helpful information (including meal ideas). Lots of ladies post their birth stories and the majority of them are really positive which may put your mind at rest.

I didn’t use it because when I was actually In labour I changed my mind but they were happy for me to labour in the pool if I wanted to. I also hate needles and didn’t want a drip or epidural but they weren’t needed.

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