TENS machine - where can I hire or buy from?

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Daisysandviolets Wed 09-Sep-20 20:09:07

Any recommendations where I can hire or buy a TENS machine?

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NannyPear Wed 09-Sep-20 20:11:51

I hired one from Birthease and the whole process was super easy. The TENS machine was brilliant!

peachypetite Wed 09-Sep-20 20:12:34


RedRumTheHorse Wed 09-Sep-20 20:14:14

Boots sell them.

Though you probably have to order it online.

I used a Boots own brand one and it was fine.

willitbetonight Wed 09-Sep-20 20:55:12

Try your midwife. Mine only charge £10.

justasmalltownmum Wed 09-Sep-20 20:58:38

You can hire it from boots online. From 2 weeks before your due date. And then just post it back.

Lonoxo Wed 09-Sep-20 21:02:41

Hired from Boots. I didn’t want the hassle of trying to sell it afterwards. Plus it’s effective with some people, not all.


avidteadrinker Wed 09-Sep-20 21:09:41

Get a second hand one from eBay or similar, you can buy new pads for them fit £5. it costs less than hiring, especially if you sell on once you are finished with it.

mumof1babe Wed 09-Sep-20 21:09:54

Birthease website. I ordered mine at 36 weeks 4 days and it arrived at 37 weeks, baby born 38 weeks and I sent it back 2 days later in prepaid envelope. So easy and convenient. I hired the Elle tens machine and it was great. I'm sure it cost £23 for 7 weeks hire.

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