Having doubts, probably hormones

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henni85 Wed 09-Sep-20 07:58:04

I’m very excited to be pregnant (4 +5 weeks) so very early days. My boys are 16 and 13, from previous relationship. I had several miscarriages with my last partner and had accepted no more babies. I’ve been with current partner about a year and we had a ‘scare’ in May, but thought we couldn’t get pregnant due to him having chemo about 6 years ago. So, I’m kind of scared that this won’t work out, but found myself having a wobble about how we would actually manage last night. I’m struggling with fatigue and nausea and trying to reduce prescription painkiller (codeine) intake for my back, which was killing me last night! I’ve already started being fidgety at night and with insomnia, which was keeping OH awake, and just got hit with massive guilt that this is all a big mistake. Probably just hormones, but there’s so much going through my head right now!

If anyone has felt similar, or has struggled with pre-existing medical conditions, any reassurance would be welcome right now. For the most part, we are both happy about this, but neither of us dare to hope it will all be ok. Probably why I’m struggling with the hormone related emotions

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