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rykar Mon 07-Sep-20 14:31:19

I'm 28weeks and will be measured for the first time this week.. im lighter than what i was when I found out I was pregnant and worried that the baby hasn't really gained any weight.. also worried that when they measure me they will say I'm large some having a larger baby just because I was chubby before being pregnant. I dont understand how they can work out the growth of the baby if its bump and extra insulation.. anyone have any advise on their experiences..

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Bettie2192 Mon 07-Sep-20 14:37:57

I got measured today at 27+5 weeks and my bump is measuring at 29 weeks. But all my scans, including one less than a fortnight ago, is showing baby size on point. So I think it’s possible to just have a big bump. I was carrying extra weight around my middle before pregnancy so that probably adds to it, plus I’m tall so probably measuring longer.

Bettie2192 Mon 07-Sep-20 14:38:47

If you haven’t got any more nhs scans booked, see if there is a private clinic in your area. Then they can measure the baby and put your mind at rest smile

rykar Mon 07-Sep-20 15:39:32

I have a private scan next week.. and consultant appointments as well.
Everytime ive had a scan they say I'm fine.. just wondered what would happen and how they can measure when ur already on the plus side..

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Bettie2192 Mon 07-Sep-20 16:49:22

I’m not sure to be honest, I think they can’t really make the judgement as to what is actually making up your ‘bump’, e.g baby, fluid, muscle, fat etc so as long as they are happy and not sending you off for any more scans because of it then I wouldn’t worry too much. I was a bit overweight when I got pregnant and it all goes round my middle, so I just have to trust that my midwife knows what she’s looking for and is happy with my size.

Babyshine2020 Mon 07-Sep-20 17:00:07

The initial chart they use to plot your fundal height on is personal (ish) to you. It's forecasted based on your weight at your booking in appointment so that of a 10st woman would be different to that of a 15st woman.

Also, they'll just plot it as your starting point and when you get measured next that's when they'll make a comparison as to if you're growing "correctly"

Got the record, I measured at 28 weeks, then the following appointment I hadn't grown enough so went for a scan, the appointment after that I'd grown too much and got sent for a scan ... baby arrived at 39 weeks exactly weighing 7lb 12oz. She was forecasted to be 8lb 1oz at 40 weeks so I'd say she was spot on.

I wouldn't read too much into it anyway. IMO there are so many things that would alter your fundal height, if you need the loo, if you've recently eaten, are you bloated, did the measure from the exact same spot (the amount of times my midwife was going "do you think this is your pubic bone, or here, or here..?")

As long as your scans are good, relax. And if you're under a consultant you'll be taken good care of!

Sunshineandrain2018 Mon 07-Sep-20 19:02:40

Hello, this is my 2nd pregnancy. 1st one I was lighter the day I had my induction and I had a very healthy 8.9 lb baby. Currently 30 weeks and I've only put on 1lb had a scan 2 weeks ago and baby was nice and healthy. Speak to your midwife about any concerns, try not to worry but make sure you talk about it with them.


RWK29 Mon 07-Sep-20 19:37:58

I had my 28 week appointment a few weeks ago and midwife didn’t measure me at all 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m having growth scans at 32/36/40 due to higher BMI (I was a size 18-20 before pregnancy). Midwife said they now prefer to do one or the other so because I’m having growth scans they won’t measure bump because she says they never match up and it just causes issues 🤷🏻‍♀️

rykar Mon 07-Sep-20 20:02:16

Thank u ladies!

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