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can I eat Mozzarella cheese when pregnant????

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goodcatholicgirl Sun 07-Oct-07 09:06:20

I know it's soft cheese which is normally a no no, but I ate pizza etc during my first pregnancy. Never really considered it before, but I am cooking a recipe with it in tonight. I thought the soft cheese was more of brie, camembert etc. Any ideas???

peachygirl Sun 07-Oct-07 09:07:28

I ate it and I'm sure if it's cooked it will be fine.

Carmenere Sun 07-Oct-07 09:07:55

It is ok as it will be cooked. tbh mozzerella is so processed anyway that the chances of there being any listeria in it is slim.

goodcatholicgirl Sun 07-Oct-07 09:11:29

cool, thanks. I thought it would be ok but just wanted to check from the mumsnet gurus!!

franke Sun 07-Oct-07 09:12:26

I looked this up on the Food Standards Agency website last week. Apparently mozzarella is okay in pregnancy. Hurrah!

CastsSpellsWitchySpells Sun 07-Oct-07 09:12:28

It's absolutely fine, cooked or uncooked.

honeyapple Sun 07-Oct-07 09:36:55

i thought buffalo mozarella was out though...

WheresMyWaistGone Mon 08-Oct-07 13:39:56

I think the point is that rind cheeses - brie etc and blue cheeses are out as they naturally have bacteria in them. Mozzerella is pasturised and fine. Oddly, so is goat's cheese, even though it has a rind.

I think!

Carmenere Mon 08-Oct-07 13:57:17

I think that the reason is that soft cheese like brie are usually quite young and fresh so if there were any harmful bacteria in them like listeria it would still be present. Hard cheeses like cheddar and parmesan have been aged for a long time so that there is a much smaller chance of there being listeria ect in them. Mozzarella is actually cooked in the manufacturing process in order to stretch the curds so this is why it is ok. Buffalo mozzarella is cooked to but not as much afaik so that may be why it is not totally safe unless you cook it.

designerbaby Mon 08-Oct-07 14:19:39

Only a problem if you're using the super-expensive unpasteurised buffalo mozzarella, which you've found in an exclusive deli somewhere, and forked out a fortune for. It's delicious, but since unpasteurised, worth giving a skip.

The usual supermarket-bought stuff is fine.

Pizza is more than fine...
And yes, goats cheese, and feta are fine too...


derah Mon 08-Oct-07 14:39:47

Mmmmmmmm, mozzerella, can't get enough of it at the moment. Baby seems to like it. I've been buying the Sainsbury basics cheapo balls and just munching on them! grin

spookykitty Mon 08-Oct-07 14:43:56

As someone else said as well as the milk being pasteurised mozzarella is cooked to a high temperature during it's manufacture, the problem comes after with post cooking contamination with Listeria but the shelf life reflects this and it will be given a short shelf life to ensure it is safe, as long as you use it within the shelf life it is perfectly safe.

Also if used in pizza it's getting another cook which will kill any Listeria as well.

Hello derah hope you are doing well and muching on mozzarella plenty of calcium x

derah Mon 08-Oct-07 17:01:14

Hey kitty, all well here, hope you're ok!

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