First scan, what to expect?

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Sanch1 Sun 06-Sep-20 21:06:14

You'll go into the scan room, they'll get you to lay on the bed and pull your bottoms down to your bikini line. They'll squeeze some gel on you, might be cold but they may warm it up, then press the scanner into you quite low down, it may be uncomfortable but shouldn't hurt. They'll keep the screen you look at off until they establish there is a baby with heartbeat then they'll show you, and do measurements. That's about it!

Sophierella24 Sun 06-Sep-20 19:42:45

Hi all,

I have my first scan tomorrow, I am roughly 10 weeks however they didnt want to rearrange my appointment and said if I am 10 weeks, they will simply bring me back for another scan at 12 weeks.

This is my first baby so completely unaware of what is to come...what should I expect at the first scan tomorrow?

I am a bundle of nerves and just want tomorrow over and for everything to be ok with baby 💕

Thank you for any advice Xx

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