Second baby due Spring 2021

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ARIO Sun 06-Sep-20 16:32:05

Hi, I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant and due April 2021 with my second. My first DD is 2 years 3 months old and gosh this is TOUGH. I thought I'd start a group for those of us who are pregnant with toddlers or other children to share tips about generally how to survive but also how to prepare them for the arrival or a brother or sister.

I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling so guilty to my daughter for having another baby, I know that sounds silly but I can't help but feeling so bad!

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SeeSeaSee Mon 25-Jan-21 14:14:03

@ARIO it's been a long time since you posted I know, but your thread came up when I searched.

I'm expecting in April 2021 too. DD1 will have just turned two when DD2 arrives.

Loads of guilt here too with weaning from BM, and DD1 clearly seeming upset when we talk about the new baby coming.

How have you been getting on?

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