Bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant, doctor said everything is fine but bleeding is getting worse

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BellaSing1607 Sun 06-Sep-20 14:12:36

hi, i have experienced some bleeding this morning after me and my husband were intimate, i had an orgasm but nothing was inserted. (Sorry tmi i know) the blood was bright red and it wasnt much really just when i wiped. We went to have a scan to reassure that everything is fine and doctor said everything was fine, we saw the heartbeat and heard it and doc said i was measuring few days ahead too. I now went home told my whole family that we're pregnant because we were so relieved everything was fine, and now the bleeding got a little worse and it has a few clots. I am just wondering if this could be left over blood or does this mean that when i went to the scan everything was fine but now i could actually be miscarrying? Has anyone experienced this? Im just really worried, i had a miscarriage back in April too 😔

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coffeeandjuice Sun 06-Sep-20 14:20:39

I had very heavy bleeding for two weeks at about 14 weeks. I couldn't believe the baby was still fine after all of that blood loss. But he was and he's now a very active 2.5 yo.

It's so scary but the scan shows the baby is fine. Hope it stops soon x

Ned2021 Sun 06-Sep-20 15:31:26

I had too massive bleeds with my son, one at 7 weeks and one at 13 weeks, clots cramping the lot. He was fine.

Im now 8+1 weeks pregnant and again, bleeding at 6 weeks which turned brown pretty quickly and only just stopped in the last day or 2.

Its pretty scary to see red blood when your pregnant and its understandable to think the worst.
However, all for me is looking fine still as they are for you.

I think ive just accepted that im just one of them that bleeds in pregnancy...
Well until i bleed again and be sure im miscarrying!

Try and rest up, stay away from google.

Good luck x

Tiffanytrammy Thu 14-Jan-21 16:29:27

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Doctor called yesterday and She said no rise in HCG number since last done almost 2 weeks ago, “but it's 7 days and it rise,” I thought to myself. She said Since no heart beat at my ultrasound scan measure 6 weeks 4 days on 1/12/2021, she concluded it as FAILED PREGNANCY and discussed the 3 options of what to do as it becoming miscarriage.
Today I woke up with a gulp of blood clot, and bleeding continues every time I’m toileting, but not on pad. Had anyone experienced something like this before? Possibly I’m in my miscarriage stage currently but still hoping for a positive heartbeat or to see a healthy baby this coming Tuesday.
Btw, I had brown spotting as soon as I got home on my first ultrasound on 1/12 and pap smear.

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