PCOS and Pregnant

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Cafeaulait27 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:59:55

Hi everyone! I just found out I’m pregnant after 5 months of trying woohoo! We were on the waiting list for clomid as I have pcos so we were amazed it’s happened with out treatment.

I was on the pill for 15 years which was great for my acne and hairiness but when I came off it all came back and I didn’t have a period for a year! But I was put on metformin by a private specialist as all the gps I saw were no help at all (the private appointment was luckily paid for through a health scheme with my work) and now I just get repeat prescriptions.

My period came back and since it’s come back I’ve had regular cycles of 30 days like clockwork.

I was wondering, now I am pregnant am I still high risk because of pcos? I’m 32 and not overweight (9stone and size 10) this is why a lot of doctors didn’t believe I even had pcos.

I wondered if anyone has any similar experiences with being pregnant and having pcos, is your antenatal care slightly different? Did you get gestational diabetes? What about the birth?

Thanks so much everyone. As you may be able to tell, even though it’s early days I’m really excited! Xx

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Acquitaine Sat 05-Sep-20 18:15:11


I have PCOS, and now, one DD!

I was told that PCOS affects conception, but not pregnancy, so no special antenatal concerns or requirements smile I did have a GD test, but that was unrelated to the PCOS.

DD is 6, and I'm down in the south east, so things might have changed since, or vary by region.

Enjoy your pregnancy - good luck!

Acquitaine Sat 05-Sep-20 18:16:02

Sorry, PCOS didn't affect the birth either smile

mistletoeprickles Sat 05-Sep-20 19:07:51

With PCOS there is a slightly higher risk of gestational diabetes so you will be routinely tested for it.

My first pregnacy, I didn't have gestational diabetes and had a natural birth at 41+1. No extra appointments or consultants etc, just total midwife lead care. With the exception of the GD test, around 28 weeks I think. This was 10 years ago so my memory is slightly shaded.

Second pregnacy unfortunately I did have gestational diabetes and had a section but that was related to other things.
This pregnancy I have gestational diabetes again and I will be having another section.

That being said I am only one person and no two PCOS suffers are the same.

Good luck op flowers

Cafeaulait27 Sat 05-Sep-20 19:18:31

This is all great news ☺️ Thank you for giving me some positive stories, and I’m so pleased for you that you managed to have healthy babies with pcos.

It was really lovely when I called the midwife department of the hospital, they were so lovely and said congratulations. I feel amazing! Just waiting to find out when my first appointment will be, which will be on the phone due to covid.

I’m also on metformin, did anyone else take this through pregnancy?

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89redballoons Sat 05-Sep-20 23:06:37

Something really similar happened to me - I have PCOS, was on the pill for ages, came off and no/very irregular periods for 18 months, ended up getting pregnant completely spontaneously three months after my previous period! 😃

I had a pretty normal pregnancy and birth, and DS arrived healthy at 39 weeks. I was never treated as higher risk because of the PCOS. I never had a GD test beyond the normal monitoring for sugar in urine at midwife appointments, which was always fine.

I think metformin is fine to take through pregnancy (obviously trust your doctor before me though!)

The only thing I would say is that a lactation consultant told me PCOS can sometimes cause low milk supply. It didn't for me and doesn't for everyone, but worth bearing in mind if you want to breastfeed as there are ways to help.

Congratulations! flowers

Cafeaulait27 Sat 12-Sep-20 11:16:13

@89redballoons that’s great to hear. I’m almost 6 weeks and just hoping the little shrimp is ok in there still. I haven’t bled or anything and have had milky white discharge which I guess is the cervix getting ready and everything?

I’ve read quite a few studies online now which say that taking metformin through pregnancy for pcos women dramatically reduces the risk of miscarriages. It’s really quite staggering, so I’m hoping I’m onto a good thing by taking it. I just wish more women with pcos were offered it, even though it’s on the nhs website for pcos treatments gps don’t know about it and even when you get referred to an endo they don’t want to treat you at all. I only got it once I went private (through an insurance scheme with my work which I maxed out with the one appointment) but I can now get it through the nhs just with repeat prescriptions.

Interesting about the milk, I will bear that in mind. Thank you ☺️

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Cafeaulait27 Sat 12-Sep-20 11:17:11

It would be great to hear from any others who have pcos and pregnancy stories, or women who are pregnant now? Would be great to chat to others with the condition.

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peachgreen Sat 12-Sep-20 11:22:08

Congratulations! I have PCOS and got pregnant twice without assistance or medication. The first ended in miscarriage sadly but the second is now a bouncing 2.5 y/o! Pregnancy was smooth sailing despite me being overweight - no GD, although I was tested 3 times as DD was a big baby, 10lb 13oz, which meant I had a section at around 41+3 I think. They discovered a large cyst on my ovary during the section which had to be removed so that was really my only complication.

MerryGoRoundBrain Sat 12-Sep-20 11:26:05

Not me but my sister has PCOS. She has two DC now. She had gestational diabetes in both pregnancies but no other issues, completely normal pregnancies. She couldn’t have a natural birth because of other issues, completely unrelated to PCOS.
She did have a low milk supply with the 2nd one but tbh she was so thrilled that she managed to have another healthy baby that it didn’t even matter.

Congratulations flowers and wishing you all the best OP.

chaosisaladder Sat 12-Sep-20 11:35:59

I have PCOS and am currently pregnant with my third (unplanned, would you believe)

I took metformin to get pregnant with DC2 and it worked very fast and I stayed on it throughout pregnancy

I have started taking it in this pregnancy from when I found out - I’m 7 weeks tomorrow to fingers crossed all will be well

I’ve had GD in both pregnancies - I was around 10 stone at the start of both - and I controlled it with diet and metformin. Natural births though I think I’d quite like a c section this time! Babies were 6lb 10oz and 6lbs born at 39 and 37 weeks. I was very strict and stuck to my GD diet though!

chaosisaladder Sat 12-Sep-20 11:37:13

And big congratulations to you! It’s a very exciting time x

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