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Phoebe23 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:12:05

Hi all

I was wondering if there were any mums out there who could tell me what their experience was like at any of the below hospitals in relation to their maternity services? Things I in particular would like to know are things like how the staff were (in terms of their expertise), cleanliness, general atmosphere, were your wishes adhered to (eg natural birth/cesarean), how hard it was to get someone's attention if it was needed and what was it like after you had given birth.

Kingston NHS
Royal Surrey NHS (Guildford)
Lindo wing
Sir Stanley Clayton Ward
Kensington Wing

By way of background I'm a first time mum to be having had an ectopic a year ago (I'm therefore incredibly nervous and have seen some particularly unclean facilities in an EPU clinic). Having had that experience I am trying to decide where to go for my maternity care. In pre Covid times I understand that you could go on a tour of the maternity unit however (and understandably), at the moment the tours are not happening. What this means is that the only way to see the units is to do the virtual tours which are better than nothing but don't give you a feel for the place, meet the staff and nor do you see the bits that aren't so glossy.

Can any mums out there help?

Many thanks

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Niketan Sat 05-Sep-20 23:03:39

I had my baby at Kingston NHS as have several close friends. Was v nervous after two previous miscarriages. Have to say I only have praise for Kingston. All the care I received was wonderful both pre and post natal and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. They also have lots of private rooms on the maternity ward so lots of people get that after birth which is great. Obviously it’s a busy hospital but I found the care and support we received was excellent and lots of help for feeding. Good luck.

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