C section at 39+6

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Njay2571 Fri 04-Sep-20 16:09:01

Hi all.

I'm after your experiences really. I'm pregnant with second boy. Currently 37 + 6. Hospital have messed me about and tried to make me have a VBAC which I told them from beginning I didn't want. I put my foot down at last appointment last week and said I wanted booking in for a section. At which point they told me there was no available slots and they'd have to open up more and ring me with a date. Fast forward to today and they rang saying I'm booked in for the 18th September. My due date is the 19th. hmm

Has anyone else had an elective this late? I'm having on and off contractions. Which happened last time. For about a week before full labour started. Has anyone been given a date and it has then been moved forward?

To say I'm stressed is an understatement. angry

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Frazzlerock Fri 04-Sep-20 16:22:36

I had my breech baby 3 days early, but that's because I wanted him in there as long as possible and anticipated him being late anyway (like DS1) so wasn't worried about going into labour.
This time they say I'll be booked in a week early.

Njay2571 Fri 04-Sep-20 16:35:41

I was a week late with DS1. 41 weeks exactly I went into natural labour. Ended in emergency c sec. 10lb butch boy. shock I'm only 5ft 5in and 12 stone. So come the end I'm like someone has shoved an exercise ball up my front. I do not want to labour again.

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FirstTimeBumps Fri 04-Sep-20 21:08:51

I am toying with the idea of requesting a C-section at 40 weeks rather than the usual 39 but also worried that I could go earlier.

sampan Fri 04-Sep-20 21:15:52

I had an elective csection after an emergency one the first time. With my second they said I could have a natural birth but opted for the csection after all the stress the first time. My doctors were very happy with my decision and said that now the decision has been made I had a date. They said if I go naturally into labour they would honour my decision for csection and would take me straight into theatre. Try not to stress but I know how you feel.

MindyStClaire Fri 04-Sep-20 21:26:12

There's no predicting when you'll go into labour. My ELCS was at 39+3 and it was fine. Just ask them to confirm that if you go into labour you can go straight for an EMCS. That way you can go to the hospital as soon as things start and avoid trying to deliver naturally.

Sympathies, I'm 5ft 2 and grew two big babies. Not comfortable!

Njay2571 Sat 05-Sep-20 08:37:47

Thanks ladies!

I never thought I'd go full term so now that I've been told I am, I'm one grumpy whale. 😅

They were so good last time but do feel messed about this time. I'm not one to kick up a fuss though especially with everything going on. I have confirmed if an earlier slot becomes available they are going to ring me. Also its in all my notes if I go into labour in to have an EMCS. Luckily I laboured last time so know what to watch out for.

We will see what the big lad weighs on Monday at my next and least growth scan! 38 weeks today!

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niki26 Sat 05-Sep-20 22:35:39

I'm high risk and was told I would deliver between 37-38 weeks. My section has been booked for 40 weeks. I'm beyond stressed about it. I've written about this before but my last appointment was 36 weeks and I don't have anything else booked in until my section at 40 weeks! I'm 38+5 now!

I'm on insulin and blood thinners for a blood clotting condition that directly led to the stillbirth of my sisters baby three years ago.

To say I'm furious, anxious and scared is an understatement! I've sent emails, left messages and no one is getting back to me. I even left a post on their bloody Facebook post to which I received a private message asking me to email my concerns. Shocking patient care. I'm dreading having to go in to actually have the baby to be honest.

Njay2571 Sun 06-Sep-20 13:40:23

I'm not alone then!

I was supposed to get a date at 36 weeks too. Then I was told at 36 weeks I'd get an appointment at 38 weeks and they'd assess my cervix for induction if I wanted it. Which I don't and never have.

I had to go in last week for reduced movement (37 weeks) and was told they had no dates.

I hope we both make it safe and sound to out elected dates! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Keep an eye on those movements. X ❤️

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Somethingsnappy Sun 06-Sep-20 15:34:37

I'm not certain, but I think if you are now booked in for an ECS, and you end up going into labour before this date, you would go in as soon as contractions started and your c section would be given priority over any other planned sections that day. This is the info I have, but worth double checking with your consultant or midwife.

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