Severe stomach cramps 10 weeks?

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SunnySideUp2020 Fri 04-Sep-20 15:20:14

Just looking for some advice

I am 10 weeks tomorrow. So far absolutely 0 cramps in this pregnancy just horrendous morning sickness, acid reflux, exhaustion and migraine (fun times!) But no cramps.

This morning had a scan and baby looks good measuring 9w3 doctor was happy with heartbeat and tiny movements.

3 hours later i am shopping and get a stabbing pain on my right side so i sit down but it gets worse and turns into and all around up and down belly cramps so bad i wanted to be sick.
I tried the shop s bathroom but nothing happened. It was so bad i had to go lie down in the car almost in tears, considering going to the hospital.
The cramps moved down to my lower belly.
DP drove me home where i am now resting which helped... but i still feel some soreness around my pelvic area. It's now been an hour since the cramp attack.

What the hell was that.??... anyone had it before? Should i be concerned?
I have first midwife appointment on Tuesday.

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