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Early scan measures don’t fit my dates

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QwertyBert Fri 04-Sep-20 11:20:30

Hey all

I went for a second early pregnancy scan following pain and bleeding. Thankfully the pain and bleeding stopped over a week ago and all seems well.

My only concern is that the sonographer said I was measuring around 5 weeks, whereas my dates suggest I’m about 7 weeks from last period. She wasn’t concerned but I’m worried the baby isn’t developing properly.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Thank you in advance.

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Allgirlmum Fri 04-Sep-20 12:18:04

This happened to me and mine was a loss not saying yours is could you have maybe ovulated later ?

What did your first scan show date wise ?

Poppy10121 Sat 05-Sep-20 14:29:30

How certain are you about the dates? Do you know the date you ovulated on or are you just guessing based on average? That might be why they’re not worried.

Addler Sat 05-Sep-20 14:36:43

I had this, baby was measuring 5-6 weeks and I was 7+4 by dates. By my 12 week scan baby had caught up and now it's measuring slightly ahead at 28 weeks. I had also had a loss at 9 weeks so was worried up until my 12 week scan and went for an early private scan at 10 weeks. I hope it's the same result for you, sometimes it's just that the baby is so small it's tenths of mm that make a difference

Oneandabean Sat 05-Sep-20 17:23:51

You generally ovulate around 2 weeks after your last period, obviously varies from person to person. So if your last period was 7 weeks ago the. 5 weeks pregnant is about right.

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