Antenatal or hypnobirthing or neither?

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NewAndConfused Thu 03-Sep-20 17:17:29

Hi everyone,

With the NHS (or at least my local Trust) not running antenatal classes, my husband and I are looking at alternatives.

Being clueless, for anyone that has done the hypnobirthing course, would that be the equivalent to the topics you would usually learn? Or would we need to do another course on top of that?

And for anyone who has done the hypnobirthing classes, how far along were you when you started? They say to join from 20 weeks but that just feels too soon to me?

FTM and completely clueless, other than knowing we need someone to teach us something!

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Gerdticker Thu 03-Sep-20 17:55:11

Hypnobirthing is a subject that, whilst essentially about the same topic as antenatal classes, comes at it from a specific angle and needs to be studied in of itself.

On a good hypnobirthing course, you should also learn the most of the antenatal stuff too.

So if I had limited funds, I’d spend money on hypnobirthing, then either watch videos online or read books for some antenatal top-up, if you see what I mean!

Tons of people here recommend Positive birthing company’s online course. Haven’t done that one myself but probably going to soon as I’m on my 2nd pregnancy and need a refresher!

I highly recommend reading Maggie Howell’s ‘natal hypnotherapy’ book as early as you like in pregnancy. It’s very confidence giving and sets the scene as to what on Earth hypnobirthing is all about!! x

Gerdticker Thu 03-Sep-20 18:14:13

p.s definitely not neither! Education is definitely the way forward smile

xxxemzyxxx Thu 03-Sep-20 18:23:44

My trust have done some online videos regarding topics that would be discussed in antenatal classes

I have done the online course from the positive birth company, and I found it really helpful, informative and reassuring. It is based around hypnobirthing techniques, but also includes the science behind contractions and how being in a relaxed state helps aid birth. They also go over topics such as tearing, inductions and c sections. I found it so good I am considering buying their Postpartum course as well.

I am also a FTM (now 35 weeks) and it’s really helped put me at ease about giving birth.

SJR86 Thu 03-Sep-20 19:12:04

I'm doing the positive birth company course. It might be worth asking your midwife as ours have recorded some antenatal videos to replace the face to face classes which they emailed to me.
We are also doing NCT but as much for the opportunity to meet some local parents as the antenatal class aspect because we are relatively new to our area.

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