Maternity Coats - Waterproof?

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ASmith88 Thu 03-Sep-20 12:46:33

I'm struggling to find a suitable maternity/babywearing coat that is waterproof. Living in Scotland it's pretty pointless going out in anything that can't handle a downpour or two and all of the coats i'm seeing online either aren't waterproof at all, or only state they are shower-proof.

Looking for something to do the last few months of pregnancy and can convert into a baby-wearing coat - ideally front and back. Happy to spend as much as is needed on this but it needs to be reliably waterproof for dog walks/walks in the country etc.

Beginning to think pregnant women just aren't supposed to go outside in the rain!!

Any suggestions?

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LoveSunshine01 Thu 03-Sep-20 15:50:02

Hahaha, I have the same problem. I posted a thread a while ago about it. Mumsnet wisdom plus my research came back with:

1) Mamalila jackets, amazing but very very expensive (£160)
2)Mother and nature jackets, look less amazing, but only very expensive! (£90)
3) Zip us in jacket expander - you can keep using your non maternity jacket by zipping in an additional panel. Sensible price, water resistant but not waterproof.
3) Poncho! Check out 'people's pocho' - they look quite good to me
4) Oversized normal jacket

In conclusion I am still just about squeeeeeezing into my normal one and wearing it open if it isn't torrential. Gonna have to make a decision soon though!

Laura0589 Thu 03-Sep-20 18:09:26

hahaha i know same here, why is it so hard?! thanks for this, i live in the lakedistrict and have a dog so gonna need one too. love the poncho idea, but a bit worried i may take off like a bird if i go up a hill lol! glad i'm not the only one squeezing into my waterproof like father christmas :D

SJR86 Thu 03-Sep-20 19:17:27

I've got the jacket expander, only used it on a drizzly day so far but I like that I can still wear my existing coats and my husband can also use it for baby wearing in the future.

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