Dr Surgery said a doctor does not need to confirm my pregnancy?

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BessieBye Thu 03-Sep-20 08:49:48


Yesterday I took 5 pregnancy tests, different brands, different times of the day and positive.

I called Dr this morning and she said that a doctor no longer confirms pregnancy and if I’ve had a positive test then I am pregnant. Took my details and Midwife will be in touch when I am 8-10weeks.

Is this correct? Is this due to covid? This will be my first pregnancy so have no previous experience. Should I contact somewhere else to get a pregnancy confirmed? I feel like I don’t believe it until a professional agrees..... x

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1990shopefulftm Thu 03-Sep-20 08:51:20

Completely normal, they don't confirm it at all in non covid times , they just take your word for it.

Mustardbay Thu 03-Sep-20 08:51:25

It was the same 3 years ago when I was pregnant, I had a private scan at 6 weeks just so i could believe it.

dementedpixie Thu 03-Sep-20 08:51:36

I've never had a pregnancy confirmed by a doctor - my 2 kids are 13 and 16

Tlollj Thu 03-Sep-20 08:51:36

5 pregnancy tests? I’m really old and out of the loop on things like this. But if they were all positive I reckon you’re pregnant.

AriettyHomily Thu 03-Sep-20 08:52:11

Mine are ten now and GP didn't confirm it then. Just straight to m/w.

SueEllenMishke Thu 03-Sep-20 08:53:11

Completely normal.


BuffaloCauliflower Thu 03-Sep-20 08:53:34

Nope haven’t had a doctor confirm either of my pregnancies. No need. The urine tests at home are just as accurate.

Yankathebear Thu 03-Sep-20 08:54:05


Csari Thu 03-Sep-20 08:54:07

My doctors are the same, apparently pregnancy tests are so accurate now that there really is no need for them to confirm.

With my first DS I didn't realise this and made an appointment and tbf it was a waste of the Dr's time, all she could do was check that I was taking folic acid and say congratulations, I still had to pick up a pack on the way out to register with the midwife.

It really does feel like a long wait, hope it goes quickly for you smile

longtimelurkerfirsttimeposter Thu 03-Sep-20 08:54:32

They don't confirm it anymore, send you straight to midwife who looks after you from thereon in and does your booking

BessieBye Thu 03-Sep-20 08:55:00

Thanks guys!!! Sorry for the naivety 🙈 I’m 25 and clueless lol. First baby!

Thank you for confirming that it’s not just my doc 😬

@Tlollj I had 2 evap lines a couple of months ago, I just wanted to be absolutely sure before I told my partner.. he was so excited then and when I had to tell him they weren’t real he was devastated and I felt so guilty. X

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starfishmummy Thu 03-Sep-20 08:55:11

The doctor wont confirm but if there is any reason why you think you might be high risk then they would usually see you to make any referrals.

Notverygrownup Thu 03-Sep-20 08:56:35

Think they stopped confirming pregnancies at the doctors about 20 years ago! I'm pretty sure I had my eldest confirmed at the doctors - he's nearly 21 - but then it wasn't available when my youngest arrived a couple of years later.

Five positives is about as positive as it gets. It is official when the stick says it is! Congratulations grin

SoupDragon Thu 03-Sep-20 08:57:51

I never had a doctor confirm my pregnancies and my eldest is 21. I remember being very disappointed!

BessieBye Thu 03-Sep-20 08:58:34

@Notverygrownup ahhh my 2 best friends both had one when they had their children 3yrs ago.. just assumed it was still a thing!! Also NHS website says to contact GP as soon as you think you are... thanks for letting me know though 😁

Appreciate everyone’s comments, thank you!!!

Eeek this is suddenly all very real. Now I’m just gonna chill out and wrap myself in cotton wool 😉 x

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ibuiltahomeforyou Thu 03-Sep-20 09:01:36

I always found it weird that I didn't get an official Certificate of Pregnancy too!

The midwife will contact you in a couple of months for the scan. Congratulations!

SmileyClare Thu 03-Sep-20 09:03:48

I think be prepared for very little medical intervention at all. I was surprised with my first pregnancy that I didn't have more appointments. I felt I was just left to my own devices really. grin

Just register with a midwife, the 12 week scan and if all is well then nothing until the 20 week anomaly scan. Then a few checks towards the very end of pregnancy, book in with a hospital, and a gestational diabetes test, blood pressure and uti checks.

That's pretty much it.

Congratulations by the way smile flowers

BessieBye Thu 03-Sep-20 09:07:48

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!

I am finding it so strange that I am sitting here pregnant right now! WTF! grin

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TheHappyHerbivore Thu 03-Sep-20 09:15:18

This surprised me too, OP! I’d just assumed a doctor would need to check. I suppose it’s not needed any more when at home pregnancy tests are so reliable.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

SoupDragon Thu 03-Sep-20 09:37:48

NHS website says to contact GP as soon as you think you are

That is so they can put it on your notes and get the all rolling with booking scans if needed early etc etc. It's just "admin" I think.

MsWonderful Thu 03-Sep-20 09:39:51

Yy it’s been like that for over 20 years! If you’ve had a positive test you’re pregnant! Congratulations smile

BessieBye Thu 03-Sep-20 09:39:58

Ah thanks @SoupDragon! Yes the receptionist took my details and said Midwife comes every Thursday (so she’ll pick up my form today) and then will be when I’m 8-10 weeks round about. So got a 4-6 week wait yet shock I better learn to be patient! Ha ha

@TheHappyHerbivore I even done research into it at university ‘do we really need a doctor to confirm pregnancy?’ Maybe they read my essay lol x

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ThatDamnScientist Thu 03-Sep-20 09:40:41

This was the policy when I was pregnant with dd2 6 years ago.

Congratulations! flowers

BessieBye Thu 03-Sep-20 09:42:02

Also thank you @TheHappyHerbivore and @MsWonderful xxx

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