Spotting at 6 weeks

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ConstantNameChanger432 Thu 03-Sep-20 08:17:38

Who else has experienced this and the pregnancy has continued?

I'm nearly 6 weeks, I took another test this morning and it was positive straight away but then when i wiped there was some very light pink blood. It's not a lot and I'm not in any pain but I have had miscarriages in the past so now I'm worrying.

I didnt have any spotting in my other healthy pregnancys

From what I remember about miscarriages i can only remember the pain and the blood because it was so dark. I dont really remember how they began.

My tests have been getting darker over the course of the week and I've been taking folic acid since I found out.

I'll be really upset if this one doesnt stay

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ChlOeWh Thu 03-Sep-20 12:38:48

From what I've read through other posts this could be old implantation blood? I had this around 7 weeks and rang doctors just to make sure, I was sent for a scan at EPAU and everything was absolutely fine also had to have the anti d, just due to my blood group ☺️ if you're worried phone up to put your mind at rest xx

ConstantNameChanger432 Thu 03-Sep-20 13:32:02

ChlOeWh Thank you for replying

Oh I hope so. The first time I wiped it was very pale pink. About 45 minutes later it was tinged red, I put a pad on and it's not filled but it does have spots of brown in it and when i have wiped again it is just tinged slightly with a very light light brown.

From past experience with EPU they wont be able to see much at this stage and wouldn't be able to confirm anything for me. I'm just going to have to wait it out arnt I.

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ChlOeWh Thu 03-Sep-20 13:56:29

I got my dates wrong sorry, I had a scan at EPAU at 15 weeks 🤦🏼‍♀️ but I'm sure it will just be the implantation bleed coming though if it's getting darker ☺️ honestly if you're worried and have had previous miscarriages ring the doctors to put your mind at ease ❤️

Rockabye3 Thu 03-Sep-20 14:54:06


we have exactly the same problem, 6 weeks, spotted today and I got myself into a reaaally fear vibe, not good at all.
I was able to re-schedule my 7 weeks US to tomorrow but I’m afraid of not listening the heart beat, or not to find anything, for being too soon...

ConstantNameChanger432 Thu 03-Sep-20 15:48:12


Its definitely brown blood now which I'm hoping is a good sign of it just being old blood or something. It's still only when I wipe and theres some in my pad but it's not full and not a lot. Fingers crossed its just implantation bleeding or old blood. Honestly from past experience theres no point in me ringing anyone about it, even if I had a scan it wouldn't help me as theres still a chance it might not stay

Rockabye3 If you've got the scan booked already I'd go. At least you will know what's going on then. I'm reluctant to ring for myself as I'll only be 6 weeks on friday, I'm also worried they wont be able to see anything or a heartbeat yet so I feel reluctant to speak to anyone about it yet

We have a private clinic not far from us that do ultrasounds for £48. If I'm still pregnant by the 19th I'll book a scan for around then as I'll be around 8 weeks at that point so they'll definetly be able to see something

Congratulations and good luck

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mamma2016 Mon 21-Sep-20 21:22:17

How did you get on? I'm 5 weeks and spotting and feeling anxious.
Lost my last pregnancy at 11 weeks after MMC at 9 weeks. Have one child and desperately hoping for a sibling.


Cafeaulait27 Tue 22-Sep-20 05:21:57

Hi all, I had some spotting this week which I haven’t had since implantation. I thought I was nearly 7 weeks but in fact I’m only nearly 6 weeks.

The spotting seems to have been caused by both sex and straining a poo out as I’m really constipated! But I was still worried.

Anyway I hadn’t early scan yesterday and everything was normal and there was a heartbeat!

Just trying to give a little reassurance ☺️

mamma2016 Tue 22-Sep-20 06:46:07

Thank you for @Cafeaulait27 Glad you had good news x

Babamamasheep Tue 22-Sep-20 07:01:45

I had a scan yesterday, I’m 6 weeks and have spotted throughout. I also had spotting and then bleeding for a long time with my daughter. EPU will usually scan you just to put your mind at rest.

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