Down in the dumps

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MrsJamieLWeir Fri 04-Sep-20 08:02:35

@EBM20 so sorry to hear how you’re feeling, it’s so tough isn’t it and no ones prepares you for how tough it can be? I’m an estate agent and we have had changes in staff with a new manager and I’m the only full time staff so feel like a lot is falling on my head. I’m just finding myself counting down to maternity leave- 16th December! Just not sure how I’m going to do another 15 weeks 😫😫

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EBM20 Thu 03-Sep-20 16:44:42

I'm 28 weeks and feeling very overwhelmed today. I'm struggling at work with tiredness and my balance being on my feet all day (food and beverage assistant at a hotel) and tripped up some steps at work, I did catch myself and didn't fall on my bump just my knees but I had to hold in the tears from the shock of it, I did sit down for 5 minutes after. I can't afford to go part time as I know I'm going to struggle on maternity allowance pay (not been with the company long enough for maternity pay from them) and partners job is not reliable (self employed roofer). I just wish he would get a more reliable job then I wouldn't feel the pressure so much to work when I'm struggling but theres not much out there at the moment.

I'm finding myself crying over the littlest things at the moment and my 25 minute drive home from work normally ends up in me crying from feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed, I feel so silly for crying because it is over nothing and my partner doesnt understand.

MrsJamieLWeir Thu 03-Sep-20 07:57:11

It’s nice to know other people are feeling similar. @Iminaglasscaseofemotion I was really poorly from 6 weeks and it’s only just starting to get better now, i still take anti sickness tablets daily which helps. I feel excited about baby and get so excited buying bits so I really don’t know what my feelings come down to. Must be a mix of the house move and a job that’s stressful and had a lot of staff changes since returning xxx

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Iminaglasscaseofemotion Thu 03-Sep-20 07:54:28

Op I'm nearly 20 weeks now and have felt the same since I found out. I have been very unwell on lots of medication, and the though of work and actually working and actually working is very depressing. I have quite an active job (self employed) and this baby was a surprise so have nowhere near enough saved for me to take time off so I have no option but to work right up until the last minute. I'm in a lot of pain aswell. I didn't feel like this with my other pregnancies, well I was ill but not so down. I just can't get excited, I haven't even looked for baby things!

peachypetite Thu 03-Sep-20 07:49:30

I’ve had a couple of days recently where I have felt down for no reason and just quite worried about everything. I think this is normal though!

MrsJamieLWeir Thu 03-Sep-20 07:43:30

Hi guys, I feel like this is such a safe place and I’m feeling so down lately I need to let out how I’m feeling. I’ve spoken to hubby but it’s so hard for him to know what to suggest.

Anyone else just feel really down in the dumps? I’m 21 weeks and so excited for baby to come and cannot wait until January but feel like I’m not enjoying the journey. I’m not sleeping well causing me to be shattered in the day and I just cry at everything. I’m not enjoying work and get so anxious at the thought of having to go. I’ve considered part time but need as much money as possible for maternity leave.
To top it off we’re in the middle of selling and buying a house which is stressing me out so much 😫😫😫
I guess I’m just after a bit of advice and just a chat if anyone has felt similar??

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