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5 year age gap

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KylieKangaroo Tue 01-Sep-20 19:38:30

I'm pregnant with my second and just feeling so down and worried about my DD and how she will cope, I have got so used to it being the 3 of us and starting to get a bit of me time back and I'm worried about starting all over again. Has anyone else had a similar gap and it worked out ok? I can't talk to anyone about this in real life sad

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Findahouse21 Tue 01-Sep-20 19:42:00

Hi, there is 5 years and 2 months between my daughters (currently coming up for 6 and 8 months). We planned it that way and honestly it's been fab. Dd1 has never shown one ounce of jealousy at all. She has had a quiet moan when she's had to wait when I'm feeding dd2.m, but it's only ever been fleeting. She understands her baby sister and they play together so well now, dd1 really understands the need to be gentle etc so doesn't get upset if dd2 punches or pulls hair. And covid aside, it's great for the older 1 being at school and giving you and baby some time together too

Arewenearly Tue 01-Sep-20 19:44:44

8 years between my two, they get on great. At 5 she is old enough to be your helper and have jobs to do. Is she excited about the baby?

Mizzler Tue 01-Sep-20 19:46:06

That's very reassuring to read @Findahouse21, thank you. I'm going to have a 5 yr age gap too and people keep asking me how I feel about it, which makes me worry that I've done something weird and harmful to my child(ten)!

cheeseychovolate Tue 01-Sep-20 19:53:12

Hi. There is nine years between our son and daughter. What I do is take our daughter out alone to the shops, cinema or meal. She remembers what it's like to be an only child and so I like to give her one to one time. She also goes out with her dad on her own for a bike ride or walk. I advise quality one to one time when you can.

KylieKangaroo Tue 01-Sep-20 21:43:54

Thanks all. I have not told her no I don't want to overwhelm her with starting school soon and everything. Congrats @Mizzler

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KylieKangaroo Tue 01-Sep-20 21:44:20

Sorry that looks a bit blunt I meant congrats!

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nicciw87 Tue 01-Sep-20 21:47:16

I have 5 years between 1st and 2nd 11months between 2nd and 3rd and 5years again between 3rd and 4th. 5 year age gap is brilliant they are so understanding and usually at that age want a younger sibling too if I ever have anymore il be going for 5year gap again

EmilySpinach Tue 01-Sep-20 23:15:24

We have a five year gap and it is wonderful. It is a very very common gap between the eldest and youngest in families with three children and no-one bats an eyelid at them!

It is hard to go back to the baby years but my eldest has been able to be so involved in helping with the baby. It was lovely not only to have time with baby during the day but also to be able to do school runs during my maternity leave.

ceebee21 Tue 01-Sep-20 23:53:24

I personally have a 5 year gap between my sister and I, and we love it. We have always gotten on well and been at such different stages in our childhood to ever argue too much. From stories I know my sister enjoyed having a little baby sister smile

Catladychaos Tue 01-Sep-20 23:59:02

I'm a mum of 1 but, theres 6 years between my older brother and I, and 4 years between my younger brother and I. We are close. Me and younger have been close forever, we are each others best friends. Older and I were close before younger, but got that back when I was a teen. My mum always said that it's the best way, that way one kid is in a school or whatever and you dont have to feel guilty about spending so much time with the baby. That is something I keep thinking about when wanting another, I want to give the baby the same time and attention as I did my first.

KylieKangaroo Thu 03-Sep-20 14:21:08

Thanks everyone

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Nosleeptilteenagers Thu 03-Sep-20 14:26:53

5 years between mine and I think there’s so many good things about it. It wasn’t planned for us as we had secondary infertility but i am actually so pleased it played out this way.

I got to enjoy both as babies, it was lovely doing baby groups with DD2 while DD1 was in school. I didn’t have to pay for 2 lots of childcare at once. Best of all DD2 is old enough to help with her sister and to entertain herself when required.

Yes they have different interests but they are still incredibly close. DD2 is quite childish and she really enjoyed having legitimate reasons to watch Peppa etc... She also loved showing her sister off to her friends who all had siblings older than them or very close in age so my youngest gets lots of attention from DD1s friends and they both love it.

Its a great age gap 😀

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