Small baby - c section at 37 weeks, worried

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Somethingvague Tue 01-Sep-20 18:41:48


Today I had a growth scan at 36 weeks following on from one 2 weeks ago. Baby is measuring about 2 weeks behind. They have told me they want to do a c section next week due to growth concerns.

It's all a bit of a shock and I'm very worried. Nobody can seem to say why baby is small. I'm 5ft9 and OH is over 6ft and we were both big babies. I'm so worried there will be something wrong. I'm also worried about breastfeeding- I fed my son for a year and was hoping to do the same again. But more than that I'm just worried about her general health. My son was induced at 37+6 (under totally different circumstances and size was fine) and had terrible reflux too which I've always wondered if it was linked to being a bit too early, and it was really hard. I wish she was allowed a bit more time to grow more first. Plus worry about the actual section and recovery. It's all unexpected.

I don't know. It's all a bit of a ramble. Has anyone been through similar and what was the outcome?

Thank you.

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lockdownpregnancy Tue 01-Sep-20 18:48:29

Not me personally but a friend of a friend had her baby girl last week and they told her baby was just over 6lb when she had a growth scan and she came out 8lb 12oz!!!
My best friend had her DD at 36 weeks and again was told she was around 6lb and came out 7lb 5oz!
Try not too worry too much (easier said than done!) Just take comfort in that they are taking good care of you and keeping a close eye on you and baby
Good luck with everything 💐💐

kittywalks Tue 01-Sep-20 18:53:55

Hi @Somethingvague, the exact same thing happened to me. I am 5'9 and my husband is 6'2. The last 6 weeks of my pregnancy were very stressful and I was monitored weekly by a consultant as I was told my son was too small. I was induced a week early after being told he had stopped growing - it was a very worrying time but when he was born he was 6lb 3oz...he is 18 in 2 weeks and if 6'3........

After he was born my community midwife said the hosp should have considered my height etc but at the end of the day, you are being well looked after.

Good luck, hope all goes well x

BumpkinSpiceBatty Tue 01-Sep-20 18:57:59

This happened to me with dd1. I had so many extra scans to measure her growth as they said she was too small.
They got her out early at exactly 38 weeks and she was 5lbs9oz. She needed preemie clothes for two weeks but was completely healthy.

Bleepers Tue 01-Sep-20 19:06:14

It must be so frightening but if the baby isn't growing properly then it is definitely better out than in! I was born unexpectedly at 36 weeks weighing 6lb and my mum said I was a very easy baby. My own baby was born smaller than they thought she'd be (and she was always on 12th percentile but came out at 38 weeks on 7th) and she fed like mad for 4 weeks and got up to 50th. Basically what I'm trying to say is don't worry, you and the baby will be fine.

Good luck xx

KormaKormaChameleon Tue 01-Sep-20 19:07:00

C-section at 36 weeks as growth had really tailed - he was IUGR on 5th centile but 85th at previous measurement! So big decline.
No problem breastfeeding (well he was syringe fed my milk for a bit days while he learned to latch then we were away), a bit of grunting as his lungs were a bit wet when he was born but cleared in a day.
No long term problems, gained weight well after birth, he did have reflux. He had squished feet but they straightened.
I was admitted for two days of steroids on Wednesday, born Friday morning, home Monday morning.
Basically he needed a bit of monitoring, a bit of help but everything was absolutely fine and my c section recovery was straight forward.
So even when there is a growth problem it's not always that bad.
He'd probably stopped growing at 34 weeks due to my placenta beginning to fail.
Good luck!

Somethingvague Tue 01-Sep-20 19:37:55

Thank you for these responses and stories - they're all reassuring. It's just a bit of a shock today I think. I thought maybe they'd tell me to come back again in a week for another scan, and I still expected to have a few more weeks of pregnancy prep and time just with my son. She is below the 10th percentile I think, so hoping that it's either inaccurate or just one of those things and she'll catch up. Can't help but worry though.

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Somethingvague Tue 01-Sep-20 19:38:24

I've had a steroid injection today also and have to go back for another one tomorrow.

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GirlCalledJames Tue 01-Sep-20 19:43:18

I had a section at 36w for an umbilical cord malformation. He was 5lb and did great after a sleepy first month. He was born on the 24th centile and was on the 96th at his 3 month checkup — apparently this can happen with premature growth restricted babies.
I was born at 34w myself because of IUGR and never had a single consequence beyond jaundice.

Changedmynamelots Tue 01-Sep-20 19:50:01

Hey OP I was due to be induced at 37 + 5 weeks as DD was 2nd centile, she was 10th centile and then started to decline. I had a sweep a few days prior and she came the same night.

I was prepared for this though as DS was 6lb at full term.

She was fine, on the dinky side and still is a dinky thing. She was in tiny baby stuff for about a month. We were out the next day, would have been out the same day but I had complications (placenta issues) so needed an op after birth.

She’s just turned one and only weighs just under 9kg now!

Some people just have small babies! I’m tall and slim, DS is slim and DD looks chunky but about 4 months younger than she is!

Honestly don’t worry about it OP. If there were placenta issues they would have picked them up today, put your feet up and relax for the next week before your section!

Changedmynamelots Tue 01-Sep-20 19:51:03

I’d imagine that baby has slipped centiles, so was way above 10th before? That’s why then decide that growth on the outside is better than the inside.

porcelinaofthevastoceanss Tue 01-Sep-20 19:57:22

I had a c section recently at 39+4 as doctors said my DD hadn’t grown since a scan at 36 weeks. She was 7lb 12oz and came out fighting! The fundal measurement at 38 weeks was normal but the ultrasound at 39 weeks showed her as measuring small. Fears were unfounded but I’m glad she was delivered by c section in the end. I’m sure your baby will be fine - these measurements seem very hit and miss!

BillyAndTheSillies Tue 01-Sep-20 20:18:24

When I was pregnant with DS2, he hadn't grown between the 32 week growth scan and the 36 week and was sitting on the 8th percentile. They made the decision to scan me at 38 weeks and told me to prepare for an induction that day if he still hadn't grown.

My waters ended up breaking naturally at 37+1 and he was 6lb4oz, he was tiny but nothing wrong. He's about to turn a year and he's a real bruiser. No issues feeding apart from silent reflux.

Somethingvague Tue 01-Sep-20 20:19:33

Thank you again. At 34 week scan the measurements were slightly above 10th percentile, now they've dropped below. Estimated at 5lb2. They said fluid and chord looked normal. But it's just a worry as to why she's so small... like I said we are both tall people (although I'm naturally pretty slim). I'm also conscious that bump seems much smaller than it was with my son.

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Somethingvague Tue 01-Sep-20 20:21:27

I so hope we do not have another silent reflux baby. Obviously other health issues are more important firstly, but it was such a hard time.

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EggHead268 Tue 01-Sep-20 20:31:09

We had the same with DS2. All through he was measuring small (10th percentile) there was a slight decline at one point (3rd percentile) and they thought they might have to bring my section forward but he went back up to 5th so since there was some growth, they weren't too worried. Again, no reason for him being so small, DH and I are 5ft9 and 5ft11. Cord and placenta both healthy. He was born at 39 weeks via c section weighing 5lb8. Think I just have small babies as DS1 was on the small side too.

Try not to worry too much, I know that's easier said than done. C section is really not as bad or scary as it sounds and better a planned than an emergency!

PurpleGoose Tue 01-Sep-20 20:34:27

I was induced at 37 weeks - had restricted growth for a while, was hoping to get a bit further but had pre-eclampsia.

She was 4lb6, intially couldn't latch and was formula feed for 2 days, then combi, as I had medical issues that meant I didn't have proper colostrum and milk didn't come in till day 6/7.

She had issues feeding and failure to thrive due to undiagnosed allergies. However we persisted with breastfeeding (good job I'm stubborn and resourceful as breastfeeding support in my area after 28days is non existent). Eventually after many months of combi feeding, allergies were diagnosed and controlled and we moved to breastfeeding only (plus food). Breastfed until she was 2.5 - my second was born and she didn't like the taste of the new milk and self-weaned.

She's still slim now, but very tall, so doesn't look out if place amongst her peers - it took until she was about 2 though before she stopped looking a lot younger than them.

I think most of our issues were caused by her allergies, rather than low birth weight, though no one can say for sure.

Metallicalover Tue 01-Sep-20 20:44:35

My little girl was estimated 5lb 3oz at 36+6. Due to IUGR. Under the 10th centile.
She was born a week later (I was induced) and she was born weighing 5lb 7oz (3rd centile)and she came out perfect only a little jaundice. She breastfed like a pro!
She's now 13 months and following the 50th centile!

WankPuffins Tue 01-Sep-20 20:45:12

I had my Dd 12 days ago by c section at just over 37 weeks because of growth concerns.

She was 5lb 6oz (bang on what the scan said) and she’s perfect. Came out screaming, no health concerns.we were home within 24 hours!

She’s already back to her birth weight and doing so well. Please don’t worry.

My other two were small babies too. But they soon raced up the centiles - from 9th to 91st by the time they were 6 months! One is now a 6ft teen. I just grow them small and they thrive once out.

Metallicalover Tue 01-Sep-20 20:48:20

Also were you already going in for a planned section and want to bring forward?

Reader1984 Tue 01-Sep-20 20:48:40

Yes similar. Extra scans, 8th percentile. Born 5lb, 8oz. Two days in scbu for monitoring. Absolutely fine after that. Good luck flowers

Ultimatecougar Tue 01-Sep-20 20:53:56

I've known growth scans to be wildly inaccurate. Often up to 2lbs out, which is a lot on a baby.

My son was a small baby on the growth scans. He was 9lb 5 at birth. My friend ( different hospital) was told her baby was very small and to be prepared for special care. She was over 8lb.

Somethingvague Tue 01-Sep-20 20:56:51

Thank you all so much for the reassuring stories. I hope ours turns out the same!

@Metallicalover I was going to have an elective at 39+ weeks due to how my son's birth went. I know it's only bringing it 2 weeks forward, but somehow it feels like so much more.

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UnalliterativeGeorge Tue 01-Sep-20 21:11:01

Same here too except mine wasn't picked up till I was in labour and got sent for an EMCS as he got distressed. Had a few days in scbu while he sorted out keeping his blood sugars up.

He's just turned 5 and I've just had to order size 7-8 school jumpers for him - he's always just been long with not much meat on his bones!

MrsTiffin Tue 01-Sep-20 21:25:49

My DS was born on the 9th percentile which was a surprise as DP and I are both tall and not small people! Last time he was at the HV he'd jumped up to the 75th percentile and she suggested they might need to refer him on as he'd grown too much grin. He's an active 20 month old now who loves his food - I'm not concerned at all.

I was obsessed with his weight and getting him weighed when he was born with BF issues (tongue tie related not due to his size) but please don't worry too much!

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