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Sp112861 Mon 31-Aug-20 22:02:42

I was wondering if anyone has gone through something like this and still been pregnant please? So for around 9 days I’ve had brown stringy discharge and occasional watery pink only when wipe after a wee (sorry TMI) so I took a test 4 days ago and got a positive. More symptoms Sore boobs, suddenly burning up, high bbt etc but the discharge continued so this morning I took another test and it was another positive. As a side-note, I have a long cycle and my period would have been due two days ago and
my app states I’m 5 weeks. Anyway,I went back to bed and woke a couple of hours later with some quite weird pain in my tummy. It didn’t last long, but then I started bleeding pink, which turned a bit red. This bleeding today has only been when I wipe, but when I do wipe the pink watery blood is mixed with a fair bit of CM and bloody CM. So I figure I’m having an early miscarriage. This will be my third and they all seem to have had the same brown spotting which has led to period after I’ve got a positive result. I’ve also noticed this time for the last few days I’ve been incredibly pale and tired my boobs have stretched including the area around the nipple (sorry TMI again) but when I check this evening they still feel the same, normally my symptoms disappear when bleeding starts. Anyway I know none of you have a magic crystal ball but does this sound familiar to anyone? I’ve spent all evening crying, I’m 34 and we’ve been trying for a fair time. Although, I know other people have to go through a lot worse. Im sorry if this is in the wrong place, this is my first post.

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Hanz85 Tue 01-Sep-20 06:24:38

I'm so sorry your going through all this sweetheart.

I can certainly understand why your worried and have concerns. Any bleeding during early pregnancy can be incredibly distressing an super scary.

I know it's not the same for everyone. But my experience of early pregnancy was always stretching pain, and a low ache. Also during three of my pregnancys I bled on an off for a few weeks and was hospitalised due to the pain.
I've since learned this extremely painful side effect of pregnancy is the bedding in an stretching of the womb.
It isn't usually abnormally painful.
however due to childhood sexual abuse, an operations that I had undergone to repair damage done (only found when I was having an appendectomy I didn't need!) (sorry tmi... but anyway, because of this I have scar tissue around my ovaries and falopian tubes and womb. This causes excessive thickness of tissue which doesn't stretch as well an can sometimes bleed a little when forced to, for example during pregnancy, or DPS... 🙄 I know also TMI
Please be reassured that although I have had a total of eight miscarriages. And a still birth, I also have had four beautiful children. I bled quite heavily with my daughter before my twelve week scan. It turned out that she was a second embryo and the first had died very early on. It was my body trying to get rid of the clot it had turned in to... I hemorrhaged so bad. I thought I would die,an there was no was she would survive.
Her name is Summer, an She's 12 now the youngest of four...she has three older brothers. An they're the light of my life. She was pregnancy number 13! Unlucky for some... but not me!.
You can't predict what will happen sweetheart. But for now,get your feet up ... Stay as calm as possible... And try to take it easy. Congratulations on your pregnancy, good luck and I hope everything turns out ok for you both.. love and light butterfly 🦋 x

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