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wannabemumma88 Mon 31-Aug-20 21:07:57

I'm currently taking folic acid and vitamin D however I am wondering if there is anything else I could or should be taking?

I don't eat fish and I've seen that fish oils should be avoided so is there anything they can substitute in vitamins as I am not getting any fish in my diet?

Also, what vitamins should I completely avoid?

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serialplanner Mon 31-Aug-20 21:11:38

You should check with your midwife for specifics. I was told to take folic acid for the first 12 weeks and vitamin D the whole time. Explicitly told not to take vitamin A.

I might take calcium in addition.

physicskate Mon 31-Aug-20 21:12:58

Bit d and folic acid is all you need.

You don't need to avoid fish oil - just cod liver oil as it has loads of vit a in it. Too much bit a is a bad thing.

Just follow the nhs guidelines and you'll be fine.

Hodgewell1 Mon 31-Aug-20 21:20:40

I recommend Wild Nutrition’s pregnancy multi vitamins. The vitamins are food grown and therefore more bio available. For example, the folic acid is in folate form rather than man made.

scotgal99 Tue 01-Sep-20 10:29:26

I took folic acid & vitamin D from conception up until around 12 weeks & now I take Pregnacare gummies everyday (not great at swallowing tablets).

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