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Cyclogest to support pregnancy over 40 y.o.

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Capricesea Tue 01-Sep-20 08:43:43

Thank you very much for your replies physicskate and WipeYourFeet!

The thing is I haven't seen any doctor regarding my pregnancy yet. Called my GP and been told to self refer myself to hospital which I did last week and still waiting to hear from them. That's why I am so worried that I have to do something during these early weeks , especially because of my age (and I have Cyclogest pessaries at home). Probably I should see private obstetrician until I am waiting for the first NHS appointment.

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WipeYourFeet Mon 31-Aug-20 22:14:17

That study is very interesting!

I hadn't seen it before. Basically describes me years ago!
I was only early 30's , recurrent early miscarriages until the miracle of cyclogest.
I was later diagnosed with POV - so I probably had the fertility of someone in their 40's confused

Whether you're experiencing early miscarriages it not , you need to discuss this with your healthcare provider.

And by the way - congrats with your BFP, get plenty of rest, discuss the spotting with your HCP as soon as you can. I would be hopeful about brown spotting tbh, red would be more worrisome thanks

physicskate Mon 31-Aug-20 21:16:41

There is only evidence to suggest that cyclogest May be of some assistance in pregnancies caused by assisted reproductive technology (like ivf) or in some cases of recurrent miscarriage (see the prism study).

Speak to midwife/gp/epu about your concerns.

Capricesea Mon 31-Aug-20 20:49:36

Did anyone has been prescribed Cyclogest in early pregnancy, not from IVF, just based on age, over 40 ?
I saw some information about it earlier in some forums but couldn't find it.
I am mid forties and 5+2 pregnant, have seen brown discharge for two days and I am terribly worried.. Maybe I am missing something and should have been taking Cyclogest from the day I saw BFP?
Would really appreciate your advice, thank you.

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