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Can anyone see a faint line?

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mollieangel123 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:25:41

Was wondering if anyone can see the second line It's driving me abit up the wall πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ especially now with the waiting game of having two MMC x

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Babs709 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:27:01

It’s not the best photo but I sort of can but only at the top. Post another photo maybe?

Fingers crossed 🀞🏻

Lollol86 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:29:12

@mollieangel123 I definitely think I can see it 🀞🏻

Nishky Mon 31-Aug-20 20:29:50

Very faint but there

Jamhandprints Mon 31-Aug-20 20:31:08

I think so.

mollieangel123 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:31:20

I'm so sorry for picture quality it's so hard to get πŸ™ˆ thankyou all so much for the replies too x

I've also attached another photo x

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cittigirl Mon 31-Aug-20 20:35:23

Definitely a line

WhenTwoBecomeThree Mon 31-Aug-20 20:37:21

This is what my 8 month old DD looked like, try a FRER. I got a strong positive the day after with one of those

AuntLucy Mon 31-Aug-20 20:41:12

I can see a line 😁

mollieangel123 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:47:58

@WhenTwoBecomeThree can I ask how long before you had a BFP if you don't mind me asking and how far along was you when you did xxx

And thankyou for your all your replies I'm praying this one ends good for me x

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WhenTwoBecomeThree Mon 31-Aug-20 21:00:47

@mollieangel123 we got a BFP in the 11th month of trying and I think it was positive around 4 days before AF was due. Attached a picture of the first test and the FRER the day after, fingers crossed for you xx

mollieangel123 Fri 04-Sep-20 21:31:57

@WhenTwoBecomeThree thanks for sharing ☺️ I believe Iv had another MMC which is starting to get me down abit now I'm so scared I just can't carry anymore πŸ˜” I will take another just to be sure but I just keep getting so upset with the results

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WhenTwoBecomeThree Fri 04-Sep-20 21:43:28

@mollieangel123 aw noπŸ˜” really sorry to hear that, I hope things turn around for you. It's awful when it's something you want more than anything and have no control over, keeping everything crossed for you xx

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