12 week scan at 10 weeks & loss of symptoms

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Bearcub01 Mon 31-Aug-20 19:18:50

My scan was originally booked for Wednesday this week, however, I had an early scan and dated a week behind so I was told to move it on a week later so they’d be able to get the correct details. It’s ended up being two weeks later by the time I got booked in so will be 13 weeks when I get it.

emma911030 Mon 31-Aug-20 16:16:44

All over the maternity day unit at my hospital it says that you have a dating scan and a nutual scan for the measurements and says that at the dating scan they can't do the measurments. when I had my first my first my scan was in the right bracket for the measurements whereas this time it wasn't and I had to go back. So it might just depend from hospital to hospital if they mind to see you both times regardless of dates.
My symptoms disappeared for maybe a week or so and then got really worried to then go for another scan (I'm having them fortnightly for MCDA twins) to find out everything was absolutely fine.'t tiredness then returned but I was never really nauseous this second time anyway.

thetangleteaser Mon 31-Aug-20 16:10:42

If you know you’re defintely 10 weeks I’d just call up and rearrange it, I did this. Felt like a waste of a scan appointment otherwise as I knew they wouldn’t be able to complete the 12 week scan and saves having to go back and forth😊

Riggles78 Mon 31-Aug-20 15:32:51

I wasn’t sure of dates because of a CP the month before I conceived this pregnancy and was 10+6 at my first NHS scan and just shy of the minimum size to do the measurements, but they just booked me in for another scan in another 2 weeks at the sonography reception afterwards.
My symptoms also started to wear off a bit just before my scan, but that can happen as the placenta starts to take over. It’s different for everyone, one of my friends has nausea all the way through to delivery and my mum had none whatsoever, it’s really different person to person!

WindsorBlues Mon 31-Aug-20 15:32:30

If they can't get the measurements they need they'll ask you to come back in a week or two.

Regarding the symptoms try not to worry too much, I thought mine had disappeared but after a few days respite the sickness came back with a vengeance.

wannabe123 Mon 31-Aug-20 15:27:31

I had my first 12 week scan at 9 weeks and I just got asked to go back a few weeks later. I think you need to be at least 11 weeks to get the measurements.

Sophierella24 Mon 31-Aug-20 15:23:00

Hi everyone,

I have been booked in for my '12 week' scan however at the time I will only be 10 weeks. Will they be able to take the necessary things then or will i have another scan at 12 weeks?

I am also now 9 weeks and seem to have lost some of my symptoms, sickness is still on and off but my boobs are no longer painful and I dont really feel pregnant...is this normal around this stage? I have read symptoms can start to reduce now due to the placenta?

Any advice is great xx

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