When did you set everything up?

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RWK29 Mon 31-Aug-20 08:29:34

We have most of the big things that we need for baby (I think 🤞🏼😂) - just wondering, at what point did you set everything up? I’m talking - build pram, install car seat, set up bedside crib? And when did you pack your hospital bag? 😊

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blodyn91 Mon 31-Aug-20 08:40:51

I think once in my 3rd trimester I will start, we have enough space so might as well get everything ready than panic later on. Im currently in my 1st so haven't even searched for prams yet 😆

RWK29 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:38:34

@blodyn91 Congratulations 😊 I loved researching prams 😊 so many nice options!! I’ve got about 8.5 weeks left to go 😅 just torn over when’s a good time to start!! I don’t want everything set up and gathering dust but at the same time I’m already starting to get quite uncomfy so I know leaving it too late might not be the best option 🙈

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Serendipper Mon 31-Aug-20 09:44:28

I’m 35 weeks with my 2nd and everything is all built already as was never dismantled from my 1st.
I haven’t moved the bedside crib into our room yet or put the car seat into the car (it rattles when there no baby in it! But everything is ready enough that it could all be done quickly if needed. My hospital bag is more or less packed too - I just need snacks!

edin16 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:47:22

Car seat was 'tested' when we got it then was installed when I was ready to leave the hospital. We put the crib and carry cot for the living room up a few weeks before due date but that was only so we could teach the cat to stay away from them. We didn't put sheets or anything on them till we were both home

pinkflamingo561 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:47:39

I'm 35 weeks. I've done everything except bedside crop, but am planning on doing it today. I haven't finished my hospital bag , as some stuff i need now, but baby's is done.

I'm a teacher though so want to make sure everything is ready before I go back to work tomorrow.

Marmite27 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:53:46

Car seat went in first. DN is 5 months older than DC1. The day we collected the car seat, we were out with DB, SiL & DN and there was a family emergency. SiL raced off with the car forgetting to leave the car seat.

We had to google how to fit it in the car park.

Nursery was ready with cot and chair from about 35 weeks. She was born at 38. I had my bag packed from around the same time. Just left it on the cot.

DC2, cot was still up, but we had some bedroom switching to do. This was finished on the Sunday I was 35 weeks on the Monday. I asked DH to get the clothes down from the loft so they could go in the wardrobe. He said it was too early. I insisted. Consultant appointment on Monday, lead to a section on the Tuesday. I’m glad I insisted.


Milkshake54 Mon 31-Aug-20 10:11:17

I’ve been paranoid that items may have been sent with missing / incorrect parts.
So everything gets set up straight away and put in the spare room.

We purchased an ex-display cotbed, there was one side of the cotbed missing as well as one screw. So glad we did set it up, otherwise if we had waited it may have been too long! (Was only about 16 weeks when we bought the cotbed, but it was a bargain!)

My friend bought a new travel system bundle and they had sent her two of the same bits by mistake!

Bearcub01 Mon 31-Aug-20 10:12:37

@edin16 that’s a good idea. I’m only 11 weeks so a long way to go yet but we will probably do the same. I have a massive dog (Newfoundland) so I think getting her used to the changes will be good, think we will put a baby gate up in the kitchen so she can get used to being locked in there at times. She sleeps downstairs but usually comes up to our room around 6am and sleeps until we get up so will be good to get her used to having a cot etc set up at the bed so she knows where she can be.

sugarplumfairy2010 Mon 31-Aug-20 11:25:39

Around 37 weeks she was born a few days later at 38 weeks so good job I didn't want any longer.x

LexiM Mon 31-Aug-20 12:17:29

I'm coming up to 34 weeks and weve built everything to check it's all working/ok. The bedside crib has been collapsed again though. We will probably get my side of the bed ready around 37/38 weeks but wont put it in the room until he is here as I want to keep the space by my bed as long as possible. The crib takes seconds to put up though.

Pram is collapsed but ready to use and we have tested the car seat ready to go. When I look at everything I dont feel that organised but think it's fine as mainly it's just moving stuff to the correct room.

wannabebump Mon 31-Aug-20 12:17:51

I ordered the pram at 22 weeks and had it by 24 weeks - I took it to my Mum's house where it's been built and checked before being put back in the box. The next to me arrived at about 26 weeks, it was built to check it and then dismantled and reboxed until it's needed. Bedroom will be done by 35/36 weeks and I'm starting to wash first size clothes from about 32 weeks. Hospital bag is next on the to do list and I aim to have it finished by about 34 weeks x

Shelby30 Mon 31-Aug-20 12:58:06

Yeah not till well into 30 something weeks. We did bedroom first cot etc. Bedside crib and pram got built up maybe 5 weeks before or so. Car seat isofix got fitted just a couple of weeks before due date. Hospital bag was semi packed about 37wks. Still had to put fone charger and other stuff that I use everyday in. This was all first time round. She didn't arrive until I was induced at 41wks.

So second time I hadn't packed my hospital bag, didn't have the isofix car seat ready, hadn't found the baby insert for the car seat, we had to buy one from Amazon and get prime delivery so I cld bring her home! Everything else was only built up a week or so before she was born surprisingly at 37wks. Don't be me running about in the middle of the night trying to pack a bag while in labour and due a section so had to get to hospital ASAP. Also had to drop off first child at grandparents didn't have anything sorted for her either 🙈

So get organised just in case 😂 you never know.

Changeagain1 Mon 31-Aug-20 13:01:29

First child around 7 months and bag packed etc. Cot (which was lent even used for 3 months) Nappies neatly organised, clothes washed and pressed.
Second time around winged it - bag packed around 9 months... I had a car seat smile

theresaplaceforus Mon 31-Aug-20 13:03:32

I’m coming up to 34 weeks and the bedside crib is done as is the changing table - cot still needs to be done - that will happen next week probably. Pram was ordered way in advance due to Covid - ordered at 26 weeks and it should be delivered next week from what they’ve told me. So it’s all coming together. Car seat and I so fix base have arrived but not fitted or anything yet, that’ll need to be done soon as well to have a look how to do it all.
As for hospital bag that’s been ready and packed for a couple of weeks but mainly because I’ve already had a very brief hospital admittance and wanted to feel prepared, I think it’s advised to do that from 34 weeks though. As long as I know my bag is all done and car seat read everything else can be sorted afterwards really.

SqidgeBum Mon 31-Aug-20 13:06:49

39 weeks when I went on maternity leave, except for the car seat which went into the car at about 37 weeks. I didnt buy much til 35ish weeks (nappies, bottles, a few basic clothes). I had the nursery done by 30 weeks just because I am a teacher so we did it during summer when I was off. I did pack the hospital bag quite early though at 31 weeks as I am prone to the odd scare. Things like moses basket can go up in 10 minutes.

Lilice Mon 31-Aug-20 16:21:40

im 36 weeks and ive got everything ready / built / washed / set up, apart from the hospital bag that ive started but havent completely finished. My first baby arrived at 37 weeks so that was my deadline

Chanel05 Mon 31-Aug-20 16:31:59

Packed bag at 34 weeks, car seat in at 35 weeks, next to me set up at 37 weeks. I'm 37+6 and feel ready.

emma911030 Mon 31-Aug-20 17:49:40

With my first It was late 3rd trimester, however this time I'm hoping to be moving house in the next few months (only 22 weeks at the moment) and we are simply using my sons nursery set + extra matching cot for the twins but I don't really know when I intend to do it this time only cause they will be in with us for a while although I'm sure they'll have to come out of the next to me quite soon so will have their cot in our room which they will initially share.
Hospital bag I got sorted at about 30 ish week just incase he was early for whatever horrid reason the base of the car seat went into my partner truck about 33/34 weeks as we don't use it for anyone but ourselves so it wouldn't have got in the way. I'll need a new car before these two arrive so not sure about that bit this time. Pram I had ordered and delivered to my mums but that was between 20 and 30 weeks at some point (I had a travel system so car seat came with it)
Bedside cot I build the week before I was due but left it in the spare room. The morning my waters started slowing going I moved it into our room to my side of the bed.
Good luck! xx

Pinktruffle Mon 31-Aug-20 20:15:51

I'm a keen sales shopper and also have paranoia that pieces etc will be missing so have been buying things from quite early once they were on sale and assembling fairly quickly - we also have limited storage so things are better assembled and in their place.

Snuzpod was bought at 20 weeks and assembled within a week or two and is in the nursery. I'm currently 27+4, the car seat was picked up this weekend and was fitted in the car yesterday. We got a matching set cot and dresser with changing station from Mamas and Paps in the sale which arrived 2 weeks ago and the dresser was assembled within days. The cot we have struggled with as DH can't do it on his own and thought I'm usually very good with DIY, bump is getting in the way and I can't help. We've checked all the pieces and it's currently laid out unassembled in the nursery, we are hoping on of his friends can come and help us with it next week. The mattress arrived on Friday and is currently in the hallway as we have no space for it, so we need the cot done so it can go in there.

The pram was ordered at 21 weeks, the place we bought it from have offered to hold it until we need it so will likely get it delivered after the baby is born in November.

Margo34 Mon 31-Aug-20 21:05:22

A little over 36 weeks here. Nothing set up but clothes washed and hospital bag in the car boot. Pushchair being delivered this week to a family member who lives an hour away as they bought it was a gift and are hard on superstitions about not having pushchair in the house before baby. 🙄

Nursery suffering with damp and is still a work in progress trying to locate and fix the source 😭

Plumbing being ripped out to replace and repair next week and then the house rendering too shortly after that.

Ill be running around kicking out trades people whilst in labour no doubt, but can't do anything about that because lockdown stopped all our renovations.

Eng123 Mon 31-Aug-20 21:11:01

About 4.30am on the morning after the night he was born... a month early! Based on our experience about 6 weeks before due date.smile

emma911030 Mon 31-Aug-20 21:12:30

Aagghhhh @Margo34 I had this problem, my mum got us the travel system and she lives 3 hours from us and I had to tell her at one point look I appreciate you have these superstitious but at the end of the day they're yours, and we need at least at a minimum the car seat and the carry cot part of the buggy as the seat for the obvious but the carry cot is where he was going to be napping when downstairs. She came down a few weeks later with most of it and then a week or so later with the rest. I felt a right bitch but I just said to her like if I knew it was going to be an issue I'd have got the whole lot myself 😕 I needed everything at home so I knew I had everything. I felt like I had no control in my first pregnancy over lots of stuff and this time I'm like nope everyone thanks but please F off please and thank you!
I hope you get everything sorted nice and quickly BEFORE baby arrives! x

Margo34 Mon 31-Aug-20 21:34:07

@emma911030 Ahh the superstitions are a pain, aren't they?! I agreed to it just to avoid an argument! Then after ordering it they said they'd visit the day after baby arrives and bring it all with them then, I was like 'Um, what if we want some time just DH myself and baby as a family without visitors for a few days?' I'm holding my ground in that one. I've got a car seat I'm borrowing and a stretchy baby sling if it comes to it but I will not be having immediate visitors except DH!!!!!!

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