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Earliest DPO you've gotten a positive pregnancy test result?

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mamajmf Sun 30-Aug-20 15:49:23

Think I may be pregnant with baby #2. 9DPO for me with DS, what's the earliest you've gotten a + test?

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MaverickDanger Sun 30-Aug-20 15:54:21

9 days and it was a strong positive, so def would have picked up a day or two earlier!

Chanel05 Sun 30-Aug-20 15:54:52


Foreverbaffled Sun 30-Aug-20 15:54:57

9dpo with my first pregnancy although very faint!

ivfdreaming Sun 30-Aug-20 16:08:28

8.5DPO with twins

BeingATwatItsABingThing Sun 30-Aug-20 16:10:53

I was 9dpo when I got a very very faint positive with DC2.

Kodiak83 Sun 30-Aug-20 16:18:52


YouBringLightInToADarkPlace Sun 30-Aug-20 16:52:33

15dpo with DS1, 10dpo with #2 (but I knew at 6dpo)

legalseagull Sun 30-Aug-20 17:07:35

9d. I read this was the most common time for the hormone to show

MissSmiley Sun 30-Aug-20 20:07:28

9dpo FET

Yabberdabbado Sun 30-Aug-20 20:10:33

14 dpo, tested a few days before and nothing. It was very clear and no doubt about it.

2020wish Sun 30-Aug-20 23:54:27

7dpo. I knew exactly when I ovulated via bbt and opks. I’m now 10 weeks and have had two scans that line up exactly with my ovulation

Babba2801 Tue 01-Sep-20 13:20:22

I got my BFP 8dpo with a FRER. I didnt think it was real at first as I ovulated 6 days before AF was due but here I am at 18+5. My due date works out the exact same as my ovulation date on a opk so its definitely accurate timings

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