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Calling RGPargy - might be of interest to you

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Jbck Fri 05-Oct-07 19:02:35

RG saw your posting on Jammygem's thread about work problems re maternity pay/leave from your company. I think this link might be useful to you because I'm sure they can't just give you 8 days pay. here I'm not really up on these things but I noticed it whilst looking for something else on a link someone else had posted on the same thread. I'm really lucky I get great leave & pay but I'm sure you're entitled to more, anything extra is a bonus eh?.
Hope you don't mind me poking my nose in grin

RGPargy Fri 05-Oct-07 19:39:08

hi Jbck! Thanx for the link! Think there is a crossed wire somewhere tho. My company does not just give me 8 days maternity pay, it's 8 days SICK pay that they only allow (plus 2 "duvet days"). After that you have to use your holiday or take it as unpaid.

I will of course be entitled to 6 weeks at 90% and then SMP after that.

could have done with being signed off for a couple of weeks tho but alas, i wouldn't have got paid for it as i've used all my sick days!

Jbck Fri 05-Oct-07 23:06:25

Oh pg brain, must have skimmed the thread cos I can't concentrate & picked out the injustice bit!
That's still crappy tho' isn't it, I mean you can't help being sick, pregnant or not. Suppose it weeds out the skivers but pretty tough on those who are genuinely ill. Thanking my lucky stars for my maternity benefits which are some of the best going. Only one more week to go & I'm finished yipee. smile

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