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Diarrhea in pregnancy

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RosettaR Wed 02-Sep-20 13:39:11

Thanks for replying, it's good to now I'm not alone at least! I've worked out that mine is linked to drinking milk. It's really strange because I only drink lactose free milk anyway, so no idea why I'm suddenly reacting to that. Don't know what my body is doing...

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Workingmama1 Sun 30-Aug-20 14:55:05

Yep I've had it on and off since my bfp. 8 weeks now. Figured its a mix of hormone and nerves (was scanned for suspecred ectopic and previous mmc so quite anxious!).

Laanie Sun 30-Aug-20 14:02:51

I have had diarrhea every morning during my second and now third trimester! I've not been checked out to be honest with you, but am feeling well apart from this.
I'm just making sure to drink plenty so I don't get dehydrated (although my last wee check did show signs of dehydration) and I'm just happy I'm not constipated... Should probably be more worried than I am, thinking about it now...

RosettaR Sun 30-Aug-20 09:04:17

I'm nearly 10 weeks pregnant with twins and I've had diarrhea on and off since my BFP. The GP tested me for infections and all came back negative, so it seems to be just hormones making my IBS worse. I've not put on any weight, in fact I'm still a couple of pounds short of my pre pregnancy weight, despite eating loads. I just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar, did you find anything that helped and were you able to gain weight in the second trimester?

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