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How do you ladies coupe with bending ??

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AlwaysBelieve19 Sat 29-Aug-20 01:54:00

Hey ladies I'm 20weeks and everytime I bend down to either wash the bath or something like that my belly hurts a bit 😟 should I be bending ?

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AlwaysBelieve19 Sat 29-Aug-20 02:08:59

Does it harm the baby on the Internet I saw that it says to much bending could cause premature labour

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gonewiththerain Sat 29-Aug-20 02:34:51

Instead on bending over bend the knees and so you’re squatting down. This is fine until you get to about 32 weeks and then it’s easy to get down but virtually impossible to get back up again

calimommy Sat 29-Aug-20 03:10:50

A good rule of thumb is 'if it hurts don't do it'. Bending is hard to avoid though, bend your knees and squat with a straight back instead. Your pelvis and lower back will thank you for it.

ColdCottage Sat 29-Aug-20 03:18:29

Bend your knees
ask for help
bend/lean sideways

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